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A History of Sea Vessels

The History of Sea Vessels

Artist Spotlight: Scott Kahn

Scott Kahn  was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1946 and currently resides in upstate New...

Chinese New Year - The Year of the Tiger!

The Chinese New Year, or ‘Lunar New Year’ is a festival that celebrates the beginning of the new...

The Collections of the Palace of Versailles

The collections of the Palace of Versailles

Piet Mondrian - Art from the Spiritual Realm

There are few artists that can be considered to have the same level of importance in the 20th...

French Museums - The Condé Museum

The collections of French museums: the Condé museum at the Domaine de Chantilly  

Güler Ates, artist and photographer

Guler Ates is a contemporary artist and photographer, born in Mus, Turkey in 1977. Her work...

Mayotte Magnus

Mayotte Magnus came to photography fairly late in life after practising classical dance, classical...

Vladimir Lenin and his mark on Russian history

Few figures loom as large in the consciousness of the 20th century as Vladimir Lenin. In life,...

The reign of Catherine the Great

The history of Russian leadership is characterised by zealous, and often brutal, strongmen. The...

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