The Collections of the Palace of Versailles

The collections of the Palace of Versailles

Perspective view of the Palace of Versailles seen from the Fountain of Neptune, 1696 (oil on canvas) Jean-Baptiste Martin (1659-1735) / Château de Versailles, France / Bridgeman Images 


For this latest post in our French Museums series - where we spotlight the exciting collections that Bridgeman Images represents and distributes through the illustrious Giraudon agency - we are taking an in-depth look at the collection of the Palace of Versailles.


Frescoes in the vault of the Royal Chapel decorated by Antoine Coypel (1661-1722) / Palace of Versailles, France / © Iberfoto / Bridgeman Images


Giraudon - the first French photo agency that Bridgeman acquired - allowed Bridgeman to greatly expand its collections dedicated to the worlds of art and culture in France from past to present. This result was then further enriched with high resolution photography captured by Photo Josse.


King Louis-Philippe surrounded by his five sons leaving by the gate of honor of the Palace of Versailles after having passed a military review in the courtyards, June 10, 1837, Horace Vernet (1789-1863) / Château de Versailles, France / Luisa Ricciarini / Bridgeman Images


The collections of the Palace of Versailles cover a vast period illustrating five centuries of French history. They reflect the dual vocation of Versailles castle, which was once inhabited by sovereigns, then transformed into a museum dedicated to "all the glories of France" and inaugurated by Louis-Philippe in 1837.



Full-length portrait of Louis XIV (1638-1715) / Palace of Versailles, France © Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images


The works of the museum - founded by Louis-Philippe and still in operation today - offer a chronological vision of the history of France, from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. The museum originally intended to offer a historical and iconographic panorama of the major figures and events that have marked the history of France. Today, the collection consists mainly of sculptures and paintings from the 16th to the 19th century. It includes both original works and copies, commissions and / or acquisitions.


Portraits of Marie Antoinette (Mayor-Antoinette) of Lorraine Habsbourg (1755-1793) queen of France and her children, 1787 (oil on canvas), Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun / Museum and National Estate of Versailles and Trianon, Versailles, France © Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images


Enjoy access to unique archives coupled with the quality of Bridgeman Images services. All of our photos are of the highest quality and are carefully cataloged large format scans. These images are accompanied by all the necessary authorisations and guarantees for all types of use, including editorial.



Full-length portrait of the King of France Louis XVI (1754-1793), Antoine-François Callet / Musée et Domaine National de Versailles et de Trianon, Versailles, France © Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images 


Check out all the images of the Palace of Versailles available on Bridgeman Images.



The masterpieces of the Palace of Versailles


Bust of Louis XIV by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, known as Le Bernin


Bust portrait of Louis XIV (1638-1715), Le Roi Soleil, 1665, (marble), Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) / Palace of Versailles, France / © Peter Willi / Bridgeman Images


Portrait of the Sun King's last favourite: the Marquise de Maintenon


Françoise d'Aubigné, marquise de Maintenon (1694), Pierre Mignard (1612-95) / Palace of Versailles, France / Bridgeman Images


The King's office


The king's desk (Louis XV style writing desk), Jean-Henri Riesener (1734-1806) / Palace of Versailles, France / © Iberfoto / Bridgeman Images


Painting "The tent of Darius" by Charles Le Brun


The queens of Persia at the feet of Alexander also known as the tent of Darius, circa 1660 (oil on canvas), Charles Le Brun (1619-90) / Château de Versailles, France / © United Archives / WHA / Bridgeman Images


Portrait of Marie-Antoinette by Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun


Marie-Antoinette dit "à la Rose", Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun (1755-1842) / Palace of Versailles, France / Bridgeman Images


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Lighting of the Belvédère pavilion in the gardens of the Pair de Trianon in Versailles during the feast given by Queen Marie-Antoinette in honor of her brother Joseph II (1741-1790) in August 1781. Painting by Claude-Louis Châtelet / Museum and National Estate of Versailles and Trianon, Versailles, France © Photo Josse / Bridgeman Images


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