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Bridgeman Images owns and distributes a large number of French museum collections, mainly from the catalogs of the Giraudon agency. Among these are a wide variety of images of works in the Louvre Museum.

The great odalisque, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1814, Louvre Museum, Paris © Bridgeman Images

Historically, the Giraudon agency was the first French photographic agency, offering a vast documentation of the world of culture and art in France.

This collection was completed, among others, by the photographers Luisa Ricciarini and Photo Josse.

All images are of the highest quality, with large format scans and precise indexing. Reproduction licenses are guaranteed on all projects, editorial or not.

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Three Grand Masters of the Louvre

The Louvre Museum preserves the major works of the great masters of Western art, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Delacroix and Géricault. Here are the works of these artists that we have chosen for you.

Leondardo da Vinci at the Louvre

The Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Louvre Museum, Paris / Bridgeman Images

Eugène Delacroix at the Louvre

Freedom leads the people, Ferdinand Delacroix, Louvre Museum, Paris / Bridgeman Images

Théodore Géricault at the Louvre

The raft of the Medusa, Theodore Gericault, Louvre Museum, Paris / Bridgeman Images

Sculpture in the Louvre

Diana mounted on a stag (Diana the Huntress) Jean Goujon, Louvre Museum, Paris / Bridgeman Images

The Louvre Museum's sculpture department is rich with a vast collection of French (Aile Richelieu), Italian and German (Aile Denon) sculptures from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The Department of Antiquities, where Greek, Roman and Etruscan masterpieces are exhibited is also unmissable.

Architecture and the Louvre

View of the Louvre pyramid at the Colbert Pavilion, Ieoh Ming Pei in collaboration with Michel Macary and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Louvre Museum, Paris / Bridgeman Images

The Louvre is also architecturally attractive. Built in the Middle Ages as a castle-fortress and inaugurated as a Museum in 1793, its current appearance is the result of the Grand Louvre project commissioned by President François Mitterrand in the 1980s.

The glass and steel pyramid designed by architect Leoh Ming Pei and the Inverted Pyramid that lights up the carousel are now famous around the world and are a symbol of the museum.

Louvre-Lens 2012, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa - Sanaa Agency - Bridgeman Images

In order to provide additional space for works from the very rich reserves of the Louvre, the Louvre-Lens Museum was inaugurated in 2012 in the north of France, an innovative architectural installation designed by an international team.

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