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Journey Through History with our Time-Travel Bucket List

The Bridgeman Images collection features an array of historical and cultural gems. Our archive...

The Seven Deadly Sins in Art History

The gulf between sin and virtue has historically been a treasure trove for artists. Explore the...

Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson - Strong Women with wings

Strong Women Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson have influenced women's roles in society and aviators...

Commission our Artists

Our clients know Bridgeman Images hosts a diverse range of artists from across the globe - many of...

Diversity with Bridgeman Images: Artists, Activists, Poets

Observed annually each February in the US (and October in the UK), Black History Month remembers...

The Art of Diversity: Spring 2021 Inspirations

Bridgeman Images are proud to work with a diverse range of artists from across the globe. New...

Rights Managed Explained

In the world of image licensing (still or moving), when somebody talks about Rights Managed (RM),...

Visual trends 2021

Discover all the visual trends coming up this year


December is here, which means that Christmas isn’t far away!

Winter Paintings: Depicting the Wonderland Season

“Stillness is the flower of winter, all hope waits beneath a blanket of white.” – Unknown.

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