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Our clients know Bridgeman Images hosts a diverse range of artists from across the globe - many of whom we represent exclusively. Did you know you can also commission our artists to create new work? Spotlighted below are just a few of our artists who offer this service. Click their name or their images to see more of their work on Bridgeman Images, or click this link to contact us to discuss a commission.


T.S. Harris

Aptly called “Sunshine Noir”, T.S. Harris’ paintings speak to the central issues of human existence - desire and loss, impermanence and beauty, and the many dimensions of our connections with others. Raised by two professional artists, Harris’ art career began at an early age. Initially showing in her family’s gallery and then branching out into other venues, her work has since been featured in museums and galleries nationwide, book covers and magazines, and the movie, The Face of Love. Harris lives and works in San Luis Obispo.

Inspired by snapshots and film stills from the mid-century, the paintings are colourful yet bittersweet, depicting fleeting moments captured almost a lifetime ago. Suspended in time, Harris’ stylish and elegant cropped figures put on scarlet lipstick, dream by the pool or sit in contemplation. With the context of their actions removed, the women and figures become mysterious; they are alluring not only for their figures, but for the secrets that they hold.


Aaron Bevan Bailey

Multidisciplinary artist Aaron Bevan Bailey was born in Peckham south London, of Jamaican and Scottish heritage. His paintings reflect having to negotiate ever changing boundaries of race, environment, identity and anonymity. The work seeks to explore the fractured connection we experience in modern society. It is the inner sanctuary which Bevan-Bailey is striving to capture within his portraits.

Bevan tries to paint the part of people that recalls these spiritual connections even if they cannot see it themselves. He is fascinated by the point where intentional meets the unintentional and has always thought of painting as a controlled accident. Many of his paintings start with abstract marks, allowing the form to find its own language.


Patrick McPheron

Patrick McPheron is a Los Angeles-based artist. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums for over 12 years. In 2015 Patrick took over HNYPT in downtown Los Angeles for the world premiere of "INVASION", his sci-fi photo exhibition. Much of his work is evocative of science fiction movies, television shows and comics of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, with neon colours, android costumes and retro-futurist imagery common in his work. Invasion was featured in both national and local media outlets.
He is currently in production with his new series, "The Unusual Me", which will explore people's double lives and what it means to be whole.


Diana Gomez

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and developing her visual career in London for the last 17 years, Diana had the great fortune of growing up surrounded by colour and nature in a big developing city. From an early age she studied in a musical school, and her passion for people and the arts made her enroll in a photography degree when she was a teenager. Influenced by great filmmakers and her love for humanity, people, nature, music and narratives, Diana’s beautifully lit and colourful images capture a sense of optimism, power and beauty that portrays her sitters in a confident and engaging way. Her editorial clients include Harpers Bazaar, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, The Sunday Times Style, Emmy Magazine, Hunger, You, and Grazia. Advertising clients include Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, River Island, EMI, Universal, Warner Brothers and Atlantic Records. Diana lives between the UK and the US, and works internationally.


Neals Niat

Born in Paris of Cameroonian parents, Neals Niat is a graphic designer, illustrator and architect living in Brussels. His works explore an imagery inspired by his childhood spent between France and Cameroon, the world around him, and design and architecture. The main theme of his storytelling work is expressed through a movement, a concept of representation, situated between the graphic, sensory and visual space that he calls the "Monochromatic Visual Metaphor". Pastel colours, floral imagery and a strong sense of colour balance are all prominent visual elements of his work.


Catherine Abel

An Australian artist, Catherine Abel is renowned internationally for her striking figurative and still life paintings. Combining the stylised geometry of the Art Deco period with the clarity of the Italian Renaissance Masters, her works are powerfully seductive compositions of beauty, strength and grace.

Self-taught, Abel began painting professionally after moving to Paris in 2000. Influenced greatly by European art and history, she immersed herself in her painting, rapidly building her reputation as a fine art painter. On returning to Australia, Catherine has continued to exhibit and sell both locally and internationally. She has been a finalist in the Archibald Art Prize and Portia Geach Art Award with her works featured in private collections worldwide.


Eliza Southwood

Eliza Southwood practiced as an architect for ten years before deciding to take up a career as an artist and illustrator full-time in 2011, although she has consistently drawn and painted throughout her life. Her first illustration commission was a Spanish children’s book, when she was aged 13. Her creative streak was later channelled into architectural design, and she graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Architecture, later finishing her postgraduate architectural studies in London. She spent several years working as a designer for Eric Parry Architects in London and later Arup Associates. However, having realised that she enjoyed carrying out the ‘artist’s impression’ part of her job more than any other, she finally decided to give up architectural practice in order to work full time on her own art projects.

Eliza’s architectural training fostered a technical eye for detail and colour, which is apparent in her artwork. Her speciality is silk screen printing, but she also works in mixed media, watercolour and acrylic. She is known particularly for her cycling themed artwork, but also produces work on a wide range of subjects such as cityscapes, dogs, sports and people. Selected clients include Rapha, Bloomsbury, the V&A Museum, Brompton Bicycles, and Cono Sur Wines. She also regularly takes on artwork commissions for private clients.


Danny K Lloyd

Danny K Lloyd's collection of cameras utilises both film & digital technology. 
'I aspire to create photographic art from asphalt environments that delve you into the metropolitan backdrop of American cities, culture & lifestyles. My aim is to provide striking art from NYC and America, be it an ordinary fire hydrant, a street fire alarm box or a vehicle of sorts left to rot or resting between journeys. A favourite part of this process is trying to capture views that most people wouldn’t necessarily find unless they were really looking… but then also might not even see at all. I strive to produce unique scenes and fresh angles, hopefully creating original urban landscape photography from the boroughs of New York City and further afield.'


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