Visual trends 2021

Discover all the visual trends coming up this year

After such a challenging year, the first of the trends we predict is Travel! Travel! Travel! We will be dreaming of travelling to exotic places, to the sun, to the lush green landscapes of faraway lands. The desire to escape, to travel abroad, to explore the world, to discover new cultures and immerse ourselves in new colours, will be key to 2021!
painting of a red mountain in a New Mexico desert, Campbell, Rachel  Private Collection  © Rachel Campbell  Bridgeman Images 6259338
 © Rachel Campbell / Bridgeman Images
painting of a woman wearing a big white hat, drifting in a blue sea waterDrifting, 2019, (oil on canvas), Harris, T.S.  Private Collection  © T.S. Harris  Bridgeman Images 6266019
 © T.S. Harris / Bridgeman Images

silhouette of a couple in the night hugging  Jd.Cavelier de la Sall, 2003 (photo), Vasconcellos, Cassio (b.1965)  © Cassio Vasconcellos  Bridgeman Images 6353027
© Cassio Vasconcellos / Bridgeman Images
photo of an African man wearing a colorful striped blamcket over the head standing on a beach in the sunset The birth of a rainbow, Fall, Aïcha  Private Collection  © Aïcha Fall  Bridgeman Images 6037138
© Aïcha Fall / Bridgeman Images
Giant Tiger in Ruins and Palms, Bodart, Florent  Private Collection image montage of a gigantic tiger over a temple with a big yellow sun in the background © Florent Bodart  Bridgeman Images 6335321
© Florent Bodart / Bridgeman Images
image of an imaginary map Latitude, Longitude 3, 2013 (collage and mixed media on Ordnance Survey map), Kelly, Deirdre (Contemporary Artist)  Private Collection  © Deirdre Kelly  Bridgeman Images  6096395
© Deirdre Kelly / Bridgeman Images
Masala,  painting of spices in an open air Indian market © Rebecca Campbell  Bridgeman Images  5899642
© Rebecca Campbell / Bridgeman Images
The second trend we identified for 2021 is the Green awakening: the desire to connect with nature everywhere: in our houses, in our gardens, on our window sills, in the parks, in the wild. This need for making peace with Mother Nature is expressed with bold colours that fill our senses with strong emotions and inspire us to a more sustainable future.
bright colours image of a abstract octopus in the sea Octopus Eyes, Ferdinands, Frances  Private Collection  © Frances Ferdinands  Bridgeman Images 5978283
© Frances Ferdinands / Bridgeman Images
bright yellow image with a Zebra with Blue Bowl, collage, French, Genevieve  Private Collection  © Genevieve French  Bridgeman Images 6108420
 © Genevieve French / Bridgeman Images
bright green and blue background with a multicoloured Cow,1998,(oil on linen), Rodriguez, Cristina  Private Collection  © Cristina Rodriguez  Bridgeman Images 6348261
© Cristina Rodriguez / Bridgeman Images
abstract painting with orange, yellow and blue titled: Interruption ( acrylic on pannel), Bevan-Bailey, Aaron  Private Collection  © Aaron Bevan-Bailey  Bridgeman Images 6344242
© Aaron Bevan-Bailey / Bridgeman Images
Tropical Garden, 2015, (acrylic & ink), Orr, Charlotte  Private Collection  image of an etching of green and brown leafs © Charlotte Orr  Bridgeman Images 2823138
© Charlotte Orr / Bridgeman Images
watercolour of a young lion leaking its paw Tongue Bath, 2019, (conté and pastel on paper), Adlington, Mark  Private Collection  Bridgeman Images 6352841
© Mark Adlington / Bridgeman Images
painting of potted plants, aloe and succulents Last Tea with my Mother, Campbell, Rachel  Private Collection  © Rachel Campbell  Bridgeman Images  6368291
© Rachel Campbell / Bridgeman Images
This takes us to the third trend: Sustainability. The past year has given us lots of time to think, to consider which part we play in society and how our behaviour affects the planet we live on. A more sustainable lifestyle will become more and more popular: from going green and make eco-friendly life choices to the very basic shop-local and supporting our communities
photo of an island reflecting into the amazon riverAmazonia, 2015 (photo), Vasconcellos, Cassio (b.1965)  © Cassio Vasconcellos  Bridgeman Images 6352988
 © Cassio Vasconcellos / Bridgeman Images
abstract painting of a Rising Sea, white, grey, blue and black 2019 (mixed media on canvas), Canning, Neil (b.1960)  Private Collection  © Neil Canning  Bridgeman Images 6354218
© Neil Canning / Bridgeman Images

view of a corner of a pond, water, waterlilies, reflections Wicken Fen, 1982 (etching and aquatint), Greenwood, Phil (b.1943)  © Phil Greenwood  Bridgeman Images 6323367
© Phil Greenwood / Bridgeman Images
magnolia and blue photo silhouette of thistles titled space,2019,(photography), Caminker, Alex  Private Collection  © Alex Caminker  Bridgeman Images 6096391
 © Alex Caminker / Bridgeman Images
photo of plants that grow under the tropical forest, green and black tones only, A Picturesque Voyage through Brazil 144, 2017 (photo), Vasconcellos, Cassio (b.1965)  © Cassio Vasconcellos  Bridgeman Images 6353136
 © Cassio Vasconcellos / Bridgeman Images
photo collage of press ferns Rusticus (6), 2010, photographic contamination, Cerocchi, Giulio  Private Collection  © Giulio Cerocchi  Bridgeman Images 6146667
© Giulio Cerocchi / Bridgeman Images
image of a panda resting on top of a mountain, big yellow sun on the background Pandas Nap into Mountains, Bodart, Florent  Private Collection  © Florent Bodart  Bridgeman Images  6203930
© Florent Bodart / Bridgeman Images
painting of a Bee , oil on canvas, 2019, Sanders, Francesca  Private Collection  © Francesca Sanders  Bridgeman Images 5981443
© Francesca Sanders / Bridgeman Images
The last (but definitely not least) trend for 2021 is Mindfulness and Wellbeing. We discover the importance of connecting with others, the understanding of mental health issues and the importance of movement and exercise. We want hugs, love, affection, relaxation, yoga and to be healthy.
image of the Mona Lisa wearing a face mask, gioconda con mascherina The Beauty of Face Masks, 2020, (digital collage), Skogrand, Trygve  Private Collection  © Trygve Skogrand  Bridgeman Images 6192345
© Trygve Skogrand / Bridgeman Images
illustration image of a face covered with tattoos Tattoo, 2020,(ink print), Thompson-Engels, Sarah  Private Collection  © Sarah Thompson-Engels  Bridgeman Images 6219409
© Sarah Thompson-Engels / Bridgeman Images
blue and white abstract image of organic shapes Out of the Blue 14, 2020 (cyanotype), Aldworth, Susan  Private Collection  © Susan Aldworth  Bridgeman Images  6313592
© Susan Aldworth Bridgeman Images
image illustration of a woman bust and head made of leafs and feathers Zelda, 2020 (digital work), Diluviani, Chiara  Private Collection  © Justin Piperger  Bridgeman Images 6317412
© Justin Piperger / Bridgeman Images
image illustration of a woman doing pilates in a park by water The PilatesYoga Class, 2020 (Digital Painting | Triptych Central Panel), Sughi, Mario  Private Collection  © Mario Sughi  Bridgeman Images 6334463
© Mario Sughi / Bridgeman Images
image painting of a black man freeing a white dove Be Free Three (oil & acrylic on canvas), Mucherera, Kaaria (Contemporary Artist)  Private Collection  © Kaaria Mucherera  Bridgeman Images 243578
© Kaaria Mucherera / Bridgeman Images
image illustration of a close up of 2 tattooed faces: one is kissing the other on the forehead  Consolation, 2019, (etching), Purzycka, Edyta  Private Collection  © Edyta Purzycka  Bridgeman Images 6308572
© Edyta Purzycka / Bridgeman Images
image painting of a black young man in a sitting position floating on a plain background Hanging Around II, Heald, Victoria  Private Collection  © Victoria Heald  Bridgeman Images 6331021
© Victoria Heald / Bridgeman Images
image of the word Love written in chalk on a red background Love Love, Frean, Jenny  Private Collection  © Jenny Frean  Bridgeman Images 6317188
© Jenny Frean / Bridgeman Images
collage in the style of pop art of a couple kissing each other, bright colours and with a 50's feeling Le pondré ventanas a la pena, M 6281464
© Peperina Magenta / Bridgeman Images
image painting of a library with a sofa on which 4 dogs are sleeping and a cat is passing by Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Ca 6125011
© Rebecca Campbell / Bridgeman Images
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