New York and London fashion week will be gracing us with the quintessential style trends this September. From sensational Seventies prints to bold tonal clashes, this season’s showstoppers are anything but subtle and are designed to give the maximum impact.

Clothing in its true art form is an expression of identity and this season features a wide range of styles to suit a variety of personalities. Here’s what to focus on when you next hit the high street:

‘Know first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.’

– Epictetus (AD 55 – AD 135) Greek philosopher

The Bold Colour Code


It’s all about mixing crayon-bright colours with abandon. From Calvin Klein‘s primary blue with pillar-box red to Balenciaga‘s vivid yellow, purple and green tights, fashion is unapologetic in holding on to vibrant hues in the a/w catwalk this year. How well can you mix and match your primary and secondary shades?

If you don’t trust your colour contrasting prowess, then don’t fear because designers like Fendi and Prada also have scarlet fever (an obsession with head-to-toe red outfits) which can look equally daring.


Uptown Seventies


Take some retro inspiration from the chic uptown Seventies style. Yes, you may have heard it’s the fifty year anniversary of the Summer of Love this year but we’re not suggesting that you slip into some gawdy hippy outfits. Instead, focus on classy and cool Seventies daywear with a tobacco and toffee colour palette, mixed with corduroy, faux fur and lurid prints. As Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy would say, you’ll look like ‘kind of a big deal’.

View our Surface pattern lightbox for more inspiration.


Power Suit


Trouser suits have been popular for a while now, but recently they have appeared on almost every catwalk. From slouchy to streamlined, there’s a range of styles and shapes for every kind of millennial professional. The key is in the fabric – choose from bold red, velvet or plaid for the ultimate power statement.


Bling Things


Dare to shine – you deserve it. According to designers such as Chanel and Dior, all that glitters is back as a staple this season. From crystal and sequin-studded accessories to lurex and lamé dresses, we invite you to drink up this sparkling glamour look.


Handmade Heritage


Nothing gives a better folky and cosy feel than patchwork, knits, embroidery and crotchet. As such, beautiful hand-crafted pieces are arguably the latest standout hit, with items that have a coveted feel of a rediscovered heirloom or rich heritage provenance. Again, shun the monochrome and grab some strong, vibrant patterns from the clothes hanger.


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  • NY Fashion Week: 7-13 Sep 2017 ; LON Fashion Week: 15-19 Sep 2017

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