Fashion Footage: On the Catwalk and in Colour

Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never really ends.

— Kate Spade


Our archive of exclusive footage clips is growing all the time so there is always something new to discover.

Footage of fashion from all eras and styles can be found in the archive.

From 70’s sun-soaked beach fashion photoshoot films to silent catwalk showreels there’s all kinds of style, attitude and design bon display.

We offer free research, so please contact us if you need help sourcing anything from the archive. In the meantime, why not take a look at some highlights below?






A fashion industry staple, the catwalk features in many of our favourite black and white or silent clips. A site of both controversy and celebration for the fashion world, the catwalk is nonetheless a fabulous mechanic for showing off the latest designs and outfits.

We have a wide range of catwalk clips in the archive from the silent era to the contemporary.



Fashion – in colour



When colour film was introduced, fashion filmmakers suddenly had much more freedom with the way models and outfits could be portrayed on film. Fashion films became more creative and displayed the couture in full vivid colour, typically in environments which enhanced the appeal of the clothing – gone were the long, black draped curtains and murky parlours, replaced with stretches of beach, charming streets or modern interiors.



Classic Fashion Photography



The way photography is used throughout history in the Fashion industry is unique and intricate. Many designers chose to capture their outfits in photographic form. Some of the most striking images in our Fashion theme are here, many from renowned photographers. Today, many designers use a combination of photography and film for all campaigns.



Fashion Showreel



Don’t know where to begin with Fashion Footage at Bridgeman? Our showreel provides a few glimpses of highlights on film.



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