Germany: Historic Moments on Film

In the face of the economic plight, it is our task to become pioneers of simplicity…to find a simple form for all of life’s necessities, which is at the same time respectable and genuine.

— Oskar Schlemmer, Artist

This week we look to Germany for our Footage archive highlights, as we celebrate 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany became re-unified.  

With regular updates, our archive of exclusive footage clips is growing all the time so there is always something new to discover!

From the experimental Bauhaus shows of Oskar Schlemmer to the glittering streets of the 1920’s burlesque clubs of Weimar, there are plenty of sights to see – read on to find out more!

German Art & The Bauhaus
Discover the world of German art in footage. From careful film documentation of classic German masterpieces to archival film footage of Bauhaus performance many kinds of 20th and 21st century art are represented.

World War One
Our film archive is strong on War based content from both the first and second world wars. Through documentary and film clips, find out about the war’s effect on Germany in terms of its society, production and technology.

Weimar Culture
The buzzing Weimar nightlife was one of the positive effects of the cultural situation after the first World War. Cinema, performance, clubs and art were all reinvigorated with new ideas and enthusiasm for the avant-garde.

Rise of the Nazis
The cultural upheaval and reparations for the first World War also had negative knock-on effects; political unrest and upheaval had begun. Newsreels and archive footage capture history in motion as German society is seen to change.

World War Two
The Second World War is one of the most well-documented historic events in our archive. From footage of the front lines in the heat of battle to war rooms and planning meetings, many elements of the War from Germany’s perspective are represented.

The Berlin Wall’s Collapse
In 1989 the Berlin Wall, which had been constructed in Berlin to separate the allies’ zones was torn down. It symbolised huge societal change to come and the end of the Soviet Union. Colour footage from film and documentaries captures the event.

Featured Showreel: 20th Century Germany

Historic events, daily life and the people of Germany throughout the 20th century are highlighted in this compilation from the Bridgeman Footage collection.

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