Sainte-Hélène, Island of Bonaparte’s exile and death in the South Atlantic Ocean

Napoleon spent ten weeks at sea on board the HMS Northumberland and arrived at Sainte -  Hélène on 15th October 1815. Napoleon exiled twice to the island, overseeing Longwood House and self reflecting on his ambitious career and downfalls. 


Image of Napoleon Bonaparte Musing at St. Helena, 1841 (oil on canvas), Haydon, Benjamin Robert (1786-1846) (after) / Private Collection Photo © Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images


Napoleon at St Helena, c.1855-56 (oil on canvas), Hippolyte Delaroche (1797-1856) © Royal Collection Trust © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2021 / Bridgeman Images


Image of Napoleon's Burial Place on St. Helena - Anonymous - 1833 - Watercolour on paper - 67,6x115,3 - Private Collection  by Anonymous Photo © Fine Art Images / Bridgeman Images


Image of View and Plan of Longwood House, St. Helena: the Residence of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1817 (aquatint), Ackermann, Rudolph (1764-1834) / Private Collection Photo © Fine Art Images / Bridgeman Images



Image of Death Mask of Napoleon by D. Brucciani (plaster) / Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey, UK © Watts Gallery / © Trustees of Watts Gallery / Bridgeman Images

Image of Lock of Napoleons hair, 1817 (hair, human) © National Army Museum / Bridgeman Images

Image of Death of Napoleon - Steuben, Charles de (1788-1856) - 1825 - Lithograph, watercolour - 52,4 x 71,8 - Private Collection, Steuben, Charles Auguste (1788-1856)Photo © Fine Art Images / Bridgeman Images

Napoleon on his Deathbed on St Helena, 1821 (oil on canvas), Ibbetson, Denzil O. (1775-1857) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


Image of St Helena 1816: Napoleon dictating to Count Las Cases the Account of his campaigns (oil on canvas), Orchardson, William Quiller (1832-1910) © National Museums Liverpool / Bridgeman Images


Image of Funeral chariot of Emperor Napoleon I (1769 - 1821) to Saint Helene (Saint Helene) offered by the Queen of England Victoria 1st to Napoleon III in 1858. Engraving in “” Le Monde Illustre”” no 76 of 25 September 1858. French School (19th century) © Stefano Bianchetti / Bridgeman Images


Image of The Gardener of St Helena - Napoleon in exile on St Helena, engraving, 19th century - Exile de Napoleon to Sainte - Helene (Saint Helene), Unknown Artist, (19th century) © Stefano Bianchetti / Bridgeman Images

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