Footage: A Healthy New Year!

“Health is not valued till sickness comes

— Thomas Fuller


Have you broken any New Year’s Resolutions yet?

Wellness is such a huge topic on everyone’s lips at the minute, and every little helps – especially when it comes to the way you treat your body!

Get inspired with some fitness lightboxes, and discover the different ways health topics are covered in footage.


Diet and Exercise


This is arguably the best way to start a healthier 2019. Join gymnasts as they limber up pre-exercise, or watch contemporary footage of fruit markets in Malaysia. Watch some animated hoop-jumping with our moving phenakistoscopes, or experience a consumerist shopping nightmare – complete with an army of trolley-wielding shoppers!




Our archive also contains officially filmed footage of hospitals, excerpts from television programmes, medical examination archive footage of all kinds and other medical procedures. In colour, black and white, silent or in full sound – it’s all here.


Athletes in Action


Get inspired with our footage archive of Olympic Athletes in action and top sportspeople showing their skills. The benefits of an active lifestyle can be seen on full show here – highlights include Jesse Owens’ long jump win at the 1936 Summer Olympics (available in both full speed and slow motion here) and some epic outdoor diving feats – as well as contemporary footage of competitive sports, such as cycling and wrestling.


Finally, we present Goede voeding the importance of a healthy diet.


This is a quirky animated commercial that focuses on the importance of healthy nutrition to prevent heart and vascular diseases. By Rupert van der Linden, from The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.


Remember, our archive of exclusive footage clips is constantly expanding, so there is always something new to discover.

We offer free research, so please contact us if you need help sourcing anything from the archive.

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