Dancing into 2020: Poetry in Motion

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching”

Discover the best in our archive of dance footage. Release that serotonin and get inspired by dance footage and images from the archive. From classical ballet to modern jazz – there is something for everyone.


Folk & Traditional

Folk dances from across the world; traditional and historic dances captured on film or performed for historical documentation.


Cabaret & Theatre

Weimar’s glittering cabarets are unmissable – the scale of their parties is quite unmatched! Much of this footage is taken from documentaries and is historically significant. From high-speed dancing to slow cabarets, different types of performance are shown here.

Jazz & Dance Clubs

Dive into the nightlife of some of the planet’s most exciting cities – from the secret speakeasy clubs of New York to some of history’s best Jazz clubs. Drinks are poured and musicians play on as onlookers dance wildly!

Dance Showreel

Watch a montage of the best movers and shakers in the Bridgeman Footage archive. From surreal interpretative dance to icons of ballet and burlesque you’ll find it here.

Bridgeman is excited to announce the acquisition of Lebrecht Photo Library, the world’s largest image bank for classical music and related arts, with a collection of over 400,000 specialist images. Our footage is the tip of the iceberg: Discover the wealth of Lebrecht content here.

Our archive of exclusive footage clips is growing all the time so there is always something new to discover.

We offer free research, so please contact us if you need help sourcing anything from the archive.

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