Winner of Bridgeman Studio Award 2014 has a great year for licensing


Katie Edwards won the inaugural Bridgeman Studio Award in 2014, a new scheme to uncover emerging image-making talent supported by Creative Review. As this year’s competition is announced, Katie gives her thoughts on the Bridgeman Studio experience so far.

Katie is an English illustrator living in London who studied Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University. Katie won for her imaginative  interpretation on the theme of ‘Joy’ and its potential to be licensed on a variety of products. Katie has previously produced illustrations for editorial, publishing, advertising and design purposes, and has been featured in a number of galleries. Her  screenprints are created using a mix of traditional photographic techniques, collage and hand-drawn images. Here’s a little more of her work


Joy, 2014 (Screenprint), Katie Edwards / Bridgeman Studio 

Bringing Joy: Licensing success with Bridgeman Studio

As well as £500, Katie Edwards won a free year’s subscription to Bridgeman Studio for image licensing and over the last few months alone, her images have been used on a book cover in the Netherlands, an Italian corporate publication as well as prints bought through

In line with this year’s #studioaward15 competition on the theme of ‘The Great Outdoors’ Katie will be  leading a series of workshops within the artist village at the Wilderness Festival. Below, Katie shares some thoughts about her first year with Bridgeman Studio and her hopes for the next.



1.   What have you enjoyed most about Bridgeman Studio so far?

It’s been great having my illustrations available worldwide for licensing, and very exciting to see my art being used over such a range of applications.

2.   What are your hopes for year two? Where would you most like to see your work featured?

It would be great to see some big name brands using my illustrations and to have them featured on some products would be great.


3. What would you say to artists and illustrators entering the second Bridgeman Studio award? 

The Bridgeman Studio award is a great opportunity to open many doors, I highly recommend entering. Bridgeman studio is a great company to work with. 

Bridgeman Studio Award 2015: Call for Entries

Enter ‘The Great Outdoors’ with The Bridgeman Studio Award. Deadline 15 June 2015.

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