Relax with Yoko Honda: Success for 2015 Bridgeman Studio Award Winner


Taking inspiration from retro pop culture, this Japanese artist brings the disco era back to life.

Yoko Honda is an artist to watch. She was one of the winners of the Bridgeman Studio Award 2015, a competition to uncover emerging image-making talent supported by Creative Review. One of the prizes was a product line created and sold at Wilderness festival and on  As part of the marketing team behind the competition I was thrilled to see Yoko Honda’s entry. Her 80’s inspired prints of a tropical paradise are really fun and translate well for products, especially now that summer is here.

Following a press launch on 29 July 2016 the CultureLabelCollection was featured in the Home section of the Sunday Times with particular prominence given to Yoko Honda’s California Dreaming deckchair.

yoko_handa_deckchairs yoko_handa_sunday_times
 Yoko Honda deckchairs on CultureLabel  Home section of Sunday Times. 02.08.2015 

Yoko Honda’s deckchair also appeared in Vanity Fair


Yoko Honda in Vanity Fair. August 6, 2015

Deckchair and print at Wilderness Festival in the Secret Emporium 

CultureLabel booth in the Secret Emporium at Wilderness Festival 2015   

Yoko Honda’s Exclusive S/S Collection 2016 has launched!

CultureLabel have launched a new range of deckchairs featuring Yoko Honda designs in limited editions of 50. Due to popular demand, prices increase as the editions sell out.


Acceptable in the 80s: Yoko Honda Takes Us Back

Growing up in 80s Japan, Yoko Honda’s use of vibrant neon colours and the swirly, zig-zagged and geometrical designs that defined the era has the power to instantly transport you back decades.

People of Print magazine say: ‘Yoko Honda … my new favourite illustrator, I am obsessed with Japanese artist Yoko Honda’s homages to all things 80′s. Through a combination of digital painting and print, she constructs scenes of resplendent kitsch, made up of palm trees, motels, neon signs and swimming pools, all inter-dispersed with structured lines, tiles or interior architecture.”

Images for Licensing

As part of their prize, Bridgeman Studio Award winners were invited to join Bridgeman Studio for image licensing. View Yoko Honda’s images

Bridgeman Studio Award 2016 

Competition to design the cover of a new novel now open for entries.


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