Masterpieces of Architecture: Kaldor

Paintings of masterpieces of architecture from around the world

Trained as an architect in his native Hungary, Andras Kaldor set out to capture the city’s historic landmarks and public spaces, its churches, corporate headquarters, and museums, along with residences of the rich and famous.



Andras Kaldor in his studio; Teatro La Fenice, Venice, Italy, 1990 by Andras Kaldor / Bridgeman Images

Commissions have led Andras to travel all over Europe to document the continent’s most prestigious Opera houses. He also illustrated books of the Masterpieces of the Architecture of New York, and the Architecture of Berlin.  The artist moved to Dartmouth in the early 1980s to run his own Gallery and to paint, specialising in the drawing and painting of buildings. During this time, Kaldor produced a series of paintings of the buildings of Regent Street for British Airways.

Original illustrations have been exhibited at the London Contemporary Art Gallery, Chelsea; the Galerie Kamien in Paris and the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Budapest Operahaz, and the Berlin collection of the 60 or so originals from the book at the Rotes Rathaus in Berlin.


Painted Lighthouses, 1997 (pen, ink & gouache on paper) by Andras Kaldor (b.1938) / Bridgeman Images

Painted Lighthouses, 1997 (pen, ink & gouache on paper) by Andras Kaldor (b.1938) / Bridgeman Images

“I love drawing very much, and especially love using colour,” he says. “I don’t use a ruler for my drawings and I think that is what keeps them alive for me: they are organic, not identical, but unique”


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