British Library: The Power of Propaganda

“History stopped in 1936. After that, there was only propaganda” – George Orwell


The British Library has a rich variety of fascinating content covering the history of propaganda from medieval Britain, to Communist Russia.

In the era of fake news, the topic of propaganda is particularly relevant now.

Bridgeman is proud to be the exclusive partner of the British Library in the UK for licensing images of its extraordinary collections.


'Remember Belgium - enlist to-day'. A recruitment / propaganda poster showing a British soldier and a burning farm.

Four Nazi Propaganda Poster.

Satirical picture on the subject of Adolf Hitler.

"Your'e country needs you". "Wanted". The hand of Lord Kitchener reaching out to a 'city gent'. A recruitment poster of the first word war.


'The Battle for Civilisation'. A German soldier depicted as an ape. A propaganda image of world war II.

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