Enter The Bridgeman Book Cover Design Award 2018

Enter The Bridgeman Book Cover Design Award 2018

We’re excited to announce the second annual Bridgeman Book Cover Design Awards!


Bridgeman prides itself on working closely with designers in all industries, but since Bridgeman’s early history nearly 50 years ago, the close working relationship with publishing designers is second to none in the licensing industry.

Each year, we look back and celebrate the best book covers of the year that used Bridgeman images in the design.


Any cover design that uses a Bridgeman image and is confirmed for publication will be automatically entered for consideration in the 2018 best book cover competition. We are looking forward to seeing all the new book covers in 2018.


To submit a cover of your choice for this iteration of the competition, simply email us your choice as a PNG image.

The competition deadline for entries is December 7th – don’t miss your chance to win a cash prize!


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