March is a bumper month for exhibitions around the world. Two Bridgeman Copyright artists’ have exhibitions this month – Lucian Freud in Dublin, and Maggi Hambling in Beijing. There is also the beautiful miniatures exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London – one not to be missed. See below for more gems opening this month.


698380 Head of a Girl, 1975-76 (oil on canvas) by Freud, Lucian (1922-2011); 71.1x71.1 cm; Private Collection; © The Lucian Freud Archive; PERMISSION REQUIRED TO LICENSE MORE THAN FIVE IMAGES BY THIS ARTIST IN A SINGLE PUBLICATION REPRODUCTION PERMISSION REQUIRED – EXCEPTIONS APPLY (SEE NOTES); CANNOT BE LICENSED FOR PRINTS OR POSTERS; English, in copyright. PLEASE NOTE: This image is protected by artist's copyright which needs to be cleared by you. If you require assistance in clearing permission we will be pleased to help you. In addition, we work with the owner of the image to clear permission. If you wish to reproduce this image, please inform us so we can clear permission for you.

Head of a Girl, 1975-76 (oil on canvas), Freud, Lucian (1922-2011) / Private Collection / © The Lucian Freud Archive

IMMA Collection: Freud Project Gaze

on now until May 2019
IMMA, Dublin 8, Ireland

Gaze is the third annual exhibition in the IMMA Collection: Freud Project; a major five-year initiative around fifty-two works by Bridgeman Copyright artist Lucian Freud (1922-2011) that have been lent to the museum’s Collection. Gaze continues to actively explore Freud’s practice by positioning his works alongside those of other artists from the IMMA Collection.


EAG365416 Le Matin, c.1985 (oil on canvas) by Goudie, Alexander (1933-2004); 90x90 cm; Private Collection; ( on holiday in France); Estate of Alexander Goudie; REPRODUCTION PERMISSION REQUIRED; Scottish, in copyright. PLEASE NOTE: This image is protected by artist's copyright which needs to be cleared by you. If you require assistance in clearing permission we will be pleased to help you. In addition, we work with the owner of the image to clear permission. If you wish to reproduce this image, please inform us so we can clear permission for you.

Le Matin, c.1985 (oil on canvas), Alexander Goudie (1933-2004) / Private Collection / Estate of Alexander Goudie

Spotlight on… Alexander Goudie

1st March – 26th March
Roger Billcliffe gallery, Glasgow, UK

Bridgeman Copyright artist Alexander Goudie (1933-2004) was “one of the most versatile painters of his generation” and a renowned portrait painter. The exhibition at the Roger Billcliffe gallery in Glasgow shows highlights from his long career which spanned over five decades.


JSU91770 William Shakespeare in the Globe Theatre, 1988 (oil on canvas) (for detail see 91771-72) by Sutton, Philip (b.1928); 127x127 cm; Private Collection; Courtesy of the Joan Hurst Collection; English, in copyright. PLEASE NOTE: This image is protected by the artist's copyright which needs to be cleared by you. If you require assistance in clearing permission we will be pleased to help you.

William Shakespeare in the Globe Theatre, 1988 (oil on canvas), Philip Sutton (b.1928) / Private Collection / Courtesy of the Joan Hurst Collection

Philip Sutton: My Shakespeare

2nd March – 4th May 2019
Bridport Arts Centre. Bridport, UK

Bridgeman Copyright artist and Bridport Arts Centre’s honorary patron, Philip Sutton R.A., has an exhibition of his work on the theme of Shakespeare.


ANR263999 Mother and Child, 2003 (oil on board) by Rothenstein, Anne (b.1949); Private Collection; English, in copyright. PLEASE NOTE: Bridgeman Images represents the copyright holder of this image and can arrange clearance.

Mother and Child, 2003 (oil on board), Anne Rothenstein (b.1949) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

Anne Rothenstein

7 March – 6th April 2019
Beaux Arts London, London, UK

Bridgeman Copyright artist Anne Rothenstein will be exhibiting at the Beaux Arts in London throughout March until 6th April.



Magpies in the Vegetable Garden (board), Raymond Booth (1929-2015) / Private Collection / Photo © The Fine Art Society, London, UK / Bridgeman Images

Raymond Booth 1929 – 2015: Detailing Nature

1st March – 2nd April 2019
Watts Contemporary Gallery

Opening in March 2019, Raymond Booth 1929 – 2015: Detailing Nature will combine exquisite paintings and studies to tell the little-known story of one of Britain’s most accomplished botanical, wildlife and natural history artists. The exhibition includes artworks uncovered by long-time friend, Peyton Skipwith – found when clearing Booth’s studio after his death – now on display for the first time. Seen together in Watts Contemporary Gallery, these works offer an insight into the practice and working life of a reclusive artist, a private man ‘immersed in his own world of poetry, plant cultivation, and […] natural history’.



St. Peter of Alcántara, c.1663-1670 (painted wood, with ivory and glass) , Pedro de Mena (1628-88) / Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, USA / Leonard C. Hanna, Jr. Fund / Bridgeman Images

Murillo, De Mena, Zurbaran: Spanish Baroque

8 March- 16 October
Sint-Janshospitaal, Bruges, Belgium

This exhibition contains a selection of remarkable Spanish art from the 17th century. In the monumental hospital wards, some 20 works of religious sculpture and painting, full of Spanish passion, will be on display. It is a rare opportunity to become acquainted with some less well-known aspects of Spain’s Golden Century. The highlight of the exhibition, in addition to paintings by famous Spanish masters like Murillo and Zurbaran, is a group of no fewer than seven hyper-realistic sculptures by the greatest sculptor of the Spanish Baroque, Pedro De Mena.



Portrait of Margaret of Austria (oil on panel), Bernard van Orley (c.1488-1541) / Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, UK / Bequest of F. P. M. Schiller, 1946 / Bridgeman Images

Bernard Van Orley

Until 26 May
Palais des Beaux-Arts- Centre for Fine Arts (Bozar), Brussels, Belgium

Bernard van Orley was one of the pivotal figures of the Renaissance in the Low Countries. BOZAR and other prominent Belgian institutions are teaming up for the first major monographic exhibition devoted to this 16th century artist. Special attention is paid to his portraits that place him at the centre of an important network of political advisors, influential clergymen and humanist thinkers. From all over the world works by Van Orley will travel back to the place where they were once created, to be reunited in one historic exhibition. A unique opportunity to (re)discover this Brussels master.


3533780 Puck & the World, 2017 (oil, mixed media & gold leaf on panel) by Gill, Olivia (b.1974); 107x107 cm; Private Collection; English, in copyright. PLEASE NOTE: This image is protected by the artist's copyright which needs to be cleared by you. If you require assistance in clearing permission we will be pleased to help you.

Puck & the World, 2017 (oil, mixed media & gold leaf on panel), Olivia Gill (b.1974) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

Olivia Lomenech Gill: A Parlement of Birds

13th March – 23rd March
Abbott and Holder, London, UK

Olivia Lomenech Gill’s wonderful illustrations for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them drew great strength from her diverse array of techniques as well as her fascination with wildlife. This new body of work, made especially for this exhibition, sees her explore further the possibilities of printmaking techniques to portray some of her favourite creatures.


2043128 Lady GaGa; ( Lady GaGa (wearing a Thierry Mugler dress) in attendance for Z100 Jingle Ball 2008 Stand Up For Cancer Benefit, Madison quare Garden, New York, December 12, 2008.); Photo © Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection; RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY FOR COMMERCIAL USE - PLEASE CONTACT US CAN ONLY BE LICENSED TO CLIENTS IN THE UK & FRANCE; it is possible that some works by this artist may be protected by third party rights in some territories.

Lady GaGa / Photo © Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection / Bridgeman Image

Thierry Mugler: Couturissime

Now until 8th September
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents the very first exhibition dedicated to French designer Thierry Mugler. Conceived, produced and put on tour by the MMFA, it unveils the multiple universes of this essential artistic figure – visionary couturier, director, photographer and perfumier – revisiting in particular his ready-to-wear and haute couture creations. Presented in Montreal, in world premiere, this retrospective brings together more than 140 outfits never before exhibited, realised between 1973 and 2001, in addition to numerous unpublished archival documents and sketches.



Creation, 1911, by Frantisek Kupka (1871-1957), oil on canvas. The Czech Republic, 20th century., Frantisek Kupka(1871-1957) / Narodni Galerie, Prague, the Czech Republic / De Agostini Picture Library / M. Carrieri / Bridgeman Images

František Kupka

Until 19 May
Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

The Czech artist František Kupka (1871–1957) is known as a pioneer of abstract art. This retrospective of the painter, who enjoyed a long career in Paris, will enable viewers to explore the history of Western art: the stage-wise transition from traditional portraiture towards abstract expression. Kupka’s art has been described as “modern poetry of colour”. This major international exhibition covers the artist’s entire career, from the 1890s to the 1950s.


XBP228995 Portrait bust of Homer (marble) by Greek, (9th century BC); Private Collection; ( Homer (c.750-700 BC);); Photo © Boltin Picture Library; Greek, out of copyright.

Portrait bust of Homer (marble), Greek, (9th century BC) / Private Collection / Photo © Boltin Picture Library / Bridgeman Images


27 March-22 July
Louvre-Lens, Lens, France

From Antiquity to the Renaissance, Homer’s tales provided artists with a plethora of basic subjects that would shape the history of art. The Homer exhibition at the Louvre-Lens sets out to explore Homer as a source of inspiration, both the poet himself and the heroes of The Iliad and The Odyssey. Featuring some three hundred items (archaeological objects and more recent works), the exhibition brings to life the principal heroes and stories in The Iliad and The Odyssey, analysing how this major, seminal work has been illustrated, interpreted and updated so many times, exerting endless fascination. The investigation revolves around a number of central themes, such as human emotions, monsters and women


BAL329132 Threshing the floor in a Georgian country village, 1915 (oil on oilcloth) by Pirosmani, Niko (1862-1918); State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Russian, out of copyright.

Threshing the floor in a Georgian country village, 1915 (oil on oil cloth), Niko Pirosmani (1862-1918) / State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow / Bridgeman Images

Niko Pirosmani-Wanderer Between Worlds

2 March-13 October
Foundation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles, France

The exhibition brings together almost thirty paintings by the Georgian artist (1862–1918) presenting a real and fantastical panorama, suffused with great calm, of an epoch in the midst of transition. Pirosmani embodies the popular modern vision of the artist isolated from society. He distanced himself from the image of the naive painter immured in his solitude and – like Van Gogh – built up a body of work that seems to belong to everyone. Uniting works by these two artists for the first time in the same place, Niko Pirosmani – Wanderer between Worlds is thus no ordinary exhibition. The Georgian painter is presented at the Foundation alongside six canvases by Vincent van Gogh, grouped under the title Vincent van Gogh: Speed & Aplomb.



The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Giovanni Bellini (c.1430-1516) / Galleria Querini-Stampalia, Venice, Italy / Bridgeman Images

Mantegna and Bellini: Masters of the Renaissance

1 March-30 June
Gemaldegalerie, Berlin, Germany

The Gemaldegalerie is presenting an extensive exhibition on the intricately related work of Andrea Mantegna (ca. 1431–1506) and Giovanni Bellini (ca. 1435–1516). With around 100 works, this cooperation between the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the National Gallery London will present the work of these two masters of the Italian Renaissance side by side for the first time. They were active in very different environments, and their artistic styles developed in very different directions. Yet through all phases of their creative lives, their work provides evidence of their continuing artistic dialogue, something that can be sensed even today.



Madonna and Child, circa 1470, by Andrea del Verrocchio (1437-1488), Oil on wood, 75.5×54.8 cm / Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, Germany / De Agostini Picture Library / Bridgeman Images

Verrocchio: Leonardo’s Teacher

8 March-14 july
Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy

This exhibition brings together for the first time at Palazzo Strozzi, more than 120 works including paintings, sculptures and drawings by Andrea del Verrocchio, one of the greatest masters of the fifteenth century, alongside important works by precursors, supporters and disciples, such as Desiderio from Settignano, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Bartolomeo della Gatta, Lorenzo di Credi and Leonardo da Vinci. 2019 celebrates the 500th anniversary of the death of the latter, his greatest student, and the exhibition is one of the most important events at international level in the context of Leonardo’s celebrations.



The Betrothal of the Venetian Doge to the Adriatic Sea, c.1739-30 (oil on canvas), Giovani Antonio Canal Canaletto (1697-1768) / Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia / Bridgeman Images

Canaletto, Tiepolo and 18th Century Venice

Until 9 June
Palazzo Ducale, Venice, Italy

This exhibition shows the extraordinary artistic flowering of eighteenth-century Venice as it drew towards the end of the Republic, allowing us to understand the different aspects of this creative explosion, through a number of masterpieces. From the Venetian veduta and its greatest exponent, Canaletto, to the renewed art of portraiture with Rosalba Carriera. From the bright and dynamic compositions of Giambattista Tiepolo to the genre painting of Pietro Longhi. This exhibition focuses on a period of great complexity, which enjoys a succession of great works in the fields of painting, sculpture and decorative arts.


5033318 Les baigneuses Tahitiennes se baignant - Peinture de Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) huile sur toile, 1897 Dim. 0,6x0,93 m Washington. National Gallery Of Art ; ( Deux tahitiennes - Peinture de Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), huile sur toile, 1899 Dim. 94x72 cm. New York, Metropolitan Museum ); © Whiteimages/Leemage; it is possible that some works by this artist may be protected by third party rights in some territories.

Tahitian Bathers, by Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) oil on canvas, 1897 . Washington. National Gallery Of Art / Photo © Whiteimages / Bridgeman Images

Van Gogh to Picasso-The Thannhauser Legacy

Last Chance To See! Until 24 March
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain

After retiring from a distinguished career as a dealer in modern art in Europe and the United States, in 1963 Justin K. Thannhauser (1892–1976) announced a bequest of important works from his private art collection—spanning some one hundred years—to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York. Today, the Guggenheim’s Thannhauser Collection provides an important survey of the avant-garde of late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century France. This presentation marks the first occasion that a significant portion of the renowned Thannhauser Collection is on display outside of New York since its installation at the Guggenheim Museum over fifty years ago—and underscores the Thannhauser family’s legacy as champions of the art of their time.



The Entrance to the Theatre de l’Ambigu-Comique before a Free Performance, 1819 (oil on canvas), Louis-Léopold Boilly (1761-1845) / Louvre, Paris, France / Bridgeman Images


Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life

Until 19 May
National Gallery, London, UK

Explore revolutionary Paris through Boilly’s daring and playful paintings. Working in a politically turbulent Paris, Louis-Léopold Boilly witnessed the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, and the Restoration of the French Monarchy. From controversially seductive interior scenes, which saw him get into trouble with the authorities, to ‘first-of-their-kind’ everyday street scenes and clever Trompe-l’œil, this exhibition shows Boilly’s daring responses to the changing political environment and art market he encountered.



Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear, 1889 (oil on canvas), Vincent van Gogh (1853-90) / Samuel Courtauld Trust, The Courtauld Gallery, London, UK / Bridgeman Images

The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain

27 March- 11 August
Tate Britain, Lodnon, UK

This is the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings in the UK for nearly a decade. Some of his most famous works will be brought together from around the world. Van Gogh lived in England as a young man for several crucial years and he was inspired by the art he saw here, including paintings by Constable and Millais which are featured in the exhibition. The exhibition also looks at the British artists who were inspired by Van Gogh, including Francis Bacon, David Bomberg, and the young Camden Town painters. It shows how his vision set British artists on the road to modern art.


MAA88168 A July Thunder Cloud, Val d'Aosta, 1858 (w/c with pencil) by Ruskin, John (1819-1900); 24.1x54 cm; Private Collection; Photo © The Maas Gallery, London; English, out of copyright.

A July Thunder Cloud, Val d’Aosta, 1858 (w/c with pencil), Ruskin, John (1819-1900) / Private Collection / Photo © The Maas Gallery, London / Bridgeman Images

Ruskin, Turner and the Storm Cloud: Watercolours and Drawings

29 March-23 June
York Art Gallery, York, UK

To celebrate Ruskin’s 200th birthday, ‘Ruskin, Turner & the Storm Cloud: Watercolours and Drawings’ considers the eloquent critical relationship John Ruskin (1819-1900) had with the landscapes of J M W Turner (1775-1851). Through new research, it will reveal Ruskin’s response to Turner’s vision, together with his own experience of scrutinising weather patterns, mountains and the built environment.



Portrait of Henry VIII (1491-1547), c.1509 (oil on panel), English School, (16th century) / The Berger Collection at the Denver Art Museum, USA / Bridgeman Images

Treasures of British Art: The Berger Collection 

2 March-5 January 2020
Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA

Treasures of British Art will present 500 years of British cultural history through the stories of its people, captured by the enduring brilliance of artists of the time. The exhibition will feature devotional images, portraits, landscapes and sporting scenes by the greatest artists of the British School as well as non-British artists who spent significant time in Britain. This exhibition will present ground-breaking results of recent research conducted on the collection’s renowned group of portraits from the Tudor era. Among the findings: the portrait of Henry VIII is one of seven stylistically similar Tudor royal portraits that were probably all painted by the same artist.


MGH348211 Sir Michael Gambon, 2000 (oil on canvas) by Hambling, Maggi (b.1945); 53.3x43.2 cm; Private Collection; ( Michael Gabon (b.1940) British actor;); English, in copyright. PLEASE NOTE: Bridgeman Images represents the copyright holder of this image and can arrange clearance.

Sir Michael Gambon, 2000 (oil on canvas), Hambling, Maggi (b.1945) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


8th March – 1st May 2019

Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum (CAFA Art Museum), Beijing, China

Bridgeman Copyright artist and trustee of the Artist’s Collecting Society Maggi Hambling gained an international reputation in the 1980s and it has only been enhanced since then with recent shows at major museums such as the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. She was the first Artist in Residence at the National Gallery in London. She has also had the rare privilege of one-person exhibitions at British Museum, the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, as well as at the Yale Center for British Art. The Tate in London owns 19 of her works, and the British Museum, the Yale Center of British Art, V&A Museum and Australian National Gallery also own a large number of her drawings. She has been awarded a C.B.E for her services to the arts.



Migrant agricultural worker’s family, California. 1936 (b/w photo), Dorothea Lange (1895-1965) / Private Collection / Prismatic Pictures / Bridgeman Images

Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing

15 March-27 May
Frist Art Museum, Nashville, USA

Dorothea Lange (1895–1965) is widely recognized as one of the most important documentary photographers of the twentieth century. She was a prominent advocate of the power of the medium to effect change and used her camera as a political tool to expose what she saw as injustices and inequalities. The exhibition encompasses 300 objects, including 130 vintage and modern photographs, proof sheets, letters, a video, and other personal memorabilia. Although Lange’s photographs were taken more than fifty years ago, many of the issues they address remain relevant today.



Self-Portrait with Raised Bare Shoulder, 1912, Egon Schiele (1890-1918) / Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria / PVDE / Bridgeman Images

The Self-Portrait: From Schiele to Beckmann

Until 24 June
Neue Galerie, New York, USA

Admired for their revelatory nature, self-portraits yield insight into both the appearance and the essence of the artist, in some cases providing almost confessional portrayals, sharing profound insights regarding their self-image as a maker, and their perceived relationship to society. This exhibition is unprecedented as it examines works primarily from Austria and Germany made between 1900 and 1945. This show is unique in its examination and focus on works of this period. Approximately 70 self-portraits by more than 30 artists—both well-known figures and others who deserve greater recognition—will be united in the presentation.



Study for bent male figure, Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto (1518-94) / Gabinetto dei Disegni e Stampe, Galleria Degli Uffizi, Florence, Tuscany, Italy / De Agostini Picture Library / G. Nimatallah / Bridgeman Images

Drawing in Tintoretto’s Venice

10 March-26 May
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA

This is the first exhibition to focus specifically on Tintoretto’s work as a draftsman. ‘Drawing in Tintoretto’s Venice’ provides new ideas about his evolution as a draftsman, about the dating and function of the so-called sculpture drawings, and about Tintoretto’s place in the Venetian tradition with his distinctive figure drawings at the heart of the show. The exhibition begins with drawings by Tintoretto’s predecessors and contemporaries, including Titian, Veronese, and Jacopo Bassano, to show his sources as well as his individuality. The exhibition also considers artists whose drawing styles were influenced by Tintoretto’s, particularly his son Domenico Tintoretto and Palma Giovane.



Cracked Glass, California, 1954 (silver gelatin print), Brett Weston (1911-93) / Bridgeman Images

Natural Abstraction: Brett Weston and His Contemporaries

Last Chance To See! Until 17 March
Newfields, Indianapolis, USA

Bridgeman Contemporary artist Brett Weston was a master of black-and-white photography who used his camera to capture increasingly-abstract forms in the world around him. The exhibition presents Weston photographs, gifted by the Christian Keesee Collection, alongside those by his contemporaries like Aaron Siskind, Ansel Adams and Brett’s father, Edward Weston.