The Aeroplane, published October 1911 (photogravure)

The Aeroplane, published October 1911 (photogravure), Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) / Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA / The Target Collection of American Photography, museum purchase funded by Target Stores

Planes, Trains and Automobiles | Transportation Photographs from the National Galleries of Scotland

Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 2nd June – 13th January 2019

‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ is the third exhibition in a series aiming to demonstrate the exhaustive photo archive held by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Featuring works from Alfred G Buckham (1879-1956), Humphrey Spender (1910-2005), Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) and others, it displays the progression of technologies inspired by the desire to travel – across both the country and the skies. The exhibition also examines the function of travel in everyday life, offering contrasts such as the daily commute grind to holiday trips abroad.



Lady at the Lake, 2015, (oil on canvas), T.S. Harris / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


Tracey Sylvester Harris: Golden Glamour

Skidmore Contemporary Art, 2nd – 30th June

In her exhibition ‘Golden Glamour’, Harris presents a dazzling, iconic vision of the female form that merges the past with the present. Her inspiration derives not just from the Classic Age of Hollywood, but also from everyday glamour that perhaps goes unnoticed. In ‘Sunshine Girl and Summer’, golden sunlight surrounds figures relaxing in the summer air.



From my Window at Ditchling, c.1925 (oil on board)

From my Window at Ditchling, c.1925 (oil on board), Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956) / Jerwood Collection / Bridgeman Images

25 Works For 25 Years / Jerwood: 25

Stephen’s Mews, Jerwood London 8th – 12th June 2018

Twenty-five years after the Jerwood Collection’s first purchase of ‘From my Window at Ditchling’ by Sir Frank Brangwyn RA from Sotheby’s London, the auction house is to host an exhibition to commemorate the Jerwood Foundation’s legacy of championing 20th and 21st century British art. The show will highlight important pieces from the collection and from the rich history of British art, including works by renowned 20th century artists such as Walter Richard Sickert, L.S. Lowry RA and Sir Stanley Spencer RA, alongside leading contemporary artists Rose Wylie RA, and Maggi Hambling CBE, among others.


A Young Man in a Red Cap, c.1512 (oil on oak panel)

A Young Man in a Red Cap, c.1512 (oil on oak panel), Michiel Sittow, (1469-1525) / Detroit Institute of Arts, USA / Gift of Anne and Henry Ford II

Michel Sittow, Estonian painter in European courts

Art Museum of Estonia, 8th June – 16th September

In 2018 the Estonian Art Museum, in collaboration with the National Gallery in Washington, presents a magnificent exhibition of paintings from Michel Sittow (1469-1525), who became the requisite and highly regarded artist in the European courts at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries.

A celebrated artist of his time, he was forgotten for centuries before his historic portraits were re-discovered in the wake of World War II. Now, 500 years after Sittow’s life, his first solo exhibition will take place.


7 ans by Reflexion THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH by BillyWilder with Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell, 1955 (photo)

Reflexion THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH by BillyWilder with Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell, 1955 (photo) / Diltz

Marilyn – A Woman Behind Her Roles

Museum Centre Vapriikki, Finland, 8th June – 2nd December

This primarily photographic exhibition opens on 8 June 2018 will allow visitors to get close to the sensitive and intelligent woman behind the legend of Marilyn Monroe.

Several rare and scarcely shown images of Marilyn, both in front of and behind the camera, have been supplied by Bridgeman for this exciting exhibition.



Jaisalmer II, Havani. Acrylic on panel

Lincoln Seligman

Osborne Studio Gallery, 2 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JL. 23rd May – 13th June

Lincoln Seligman has enjoyed two artistic identities for many years: one creating large-scale sculptural work and installations in landmark buildings around the world, and the other painting the rich visuals encountered on his travels. Osborne Studio Gallery are excited to present a new selection of work from Seligman in which he explores the cornucopia of imagery that the wider world has to offer.


Lamp and Stove (w/c on paper)

Lamp and Stove (w/c on paper), Janet Tremolo / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

Anna Akhmatova and Isaiah Berlin in Leningrad in 1945 – Paintings by Janet Q Treloar, RWS

Wolfson College, Oxford OX2 6UD

Preview Sunday 10 June 12 noon to 3 pm

There will be short illustrated talk at 12.30 pm, ‘The Guest from the Future: artistic treatments of the meetings between Anna Akhmatova and Isaiah Berlin’, by Henry Hardy, Isaiah Berlin’s principal editor and one of his literary trustees.


Einstein’s Abstract, 1999 (photomicrograph), Cornelia Parker (b.1956) / Courtesy of the Warden and Scholars of New College, Oxford

Royal Academy of Arts 250th Summer Exhibition

The Royal Academy of Arts, London 12th June – 19th August

Over 1,200 works are on display at this huge annual event hosted by the RA. This year, as a celebration of the 250 year event, the work will even be spilling out onto the streets of London’s West End. The show boasts an enormous selection of work in a variety of media, and a huge sculpture will adorn the RA courtyard. The show will draw on talent from internationally renowned artists, emerging talent and first-time exhibitors, all handpicked by a committee led by none other than Grayson Perry RA.

As usual, most of the work on display is for sale and purchases will help raise funds and support the non-profit sections of the RA, such as the RA schools.


National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London (photo)

National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London (photo) / © Peter Phipp/Travelshots / Bridgeman Images

National Portrait Gallery – BP Portrait Award 2018

National Portrait Gallery, 14th June – 28th September

The BP Portrait Award is now in its thirty-ninth year at the National Portrait Gallery and twenty-ninth year of sponsorship by BP, and continues to be an unmissable highlight of the annual art calendar. It is the most prestigious portrait painting award in the world and intends to focus artists on the intricacy and skill involved in crafting an effective portrait in the 21st century. Don’t miss it!



Terry Frost, Suspended Colour Collage, 1968-70, Acrylic and collage on canvas, 40 x 42 inches (Image: Beaux Arts)

Luke Frost, Terry Frost & Anthony Frost: Inheritance of Colour

Beaux Arts, London W1S. 24th May – 23rd June

Beaux Arts has developed a reputation for exhibiting carefully selected Modern British and innovative contemporary painters and sculptors.

The gallery’s focus is evenly divided between nurturing talent among the current generation of emerging artists – selected for their original practice as much as the aesthetic qualities of their work – and showing the work of established artists.

Luke Frost exhibits alongside Terry and Anthony Frost in an eclectic mix from this family of artists.


Venus and Cupid, 1785 (oil on canvas)

Venus and Cupid, 1785 (oil on canvas), Batoni, Pompeo Girolamo (1708-87) / Arkhangelsk Cathedral Museum, Moscow, Russia

Classic Beauties

Hermitage Amsterdam, 16th June – 13th January 2019

The exhibition ‘Classic Beauties’ will offer a delightful journey through European Neoclassicism. Throughout mid-eighteenth century Europe, people watched with bated breath as excavations in Italy uncovered artistic treasures of stupefying beauty. It inspired artists to rediscover classic physical beauty and perfect its depiction. It also sparked a craze for travel among young aristocrats across the continent, and, in this exhibition, the visitor takes a Grand Tour of the finest examples of Neoclassical art from the Hermitage.


Famille Rose Export Plate, decorated with 'The Doctor's Visit', after Cornelius Pronck (1691-1759) Chinese, Qianlong period, 1736-95 (porcelain)

Famille Rose Export Plate, decorated with ‘The Doctor’s Visit’, after Cornelius Pronck (1691-1759) Chinese, Qianlong period, 1736-95 (porcelain) / Private Collection / Paul Freeman


The World at Home: Asian porcelain and Delft pottery

Groninger Museum, Starck Pavilion, 17th June – 31st March 2019

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Dutch interiors were enriched by Asian influences. The Dutch East India Company and individual travellers imported large quantities of Chinese and Japanese porcelain and lacquer work from the East. Porcelain, in particular, found its way into every stratum of society: even the poorest household was likely to own a plate or a teacup and saucer from China. Before long, East Asian porcelain had become part of Dutch everyday life and material culture. This exhibition examines the long-term effect of this on Dutch ceramics.



Michael Craig-Martin, Tulips (after Robert Mapplethorpe), 2018, Silkscreen print

Bridgeman Editions & The House Of Fairy Tales

The Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, London, 19th – 24th June

Bridgeman Editions & The House of Fairy Tales present an exhibition of limited edition prints brought together in two unique folios, Turkish Tulips (curated by Gavin Turk) and the Bridgeman Folio. The portfolios feature works by Michael Craig Martin, Gavin Turk, Sir Peter Blake RA, Yinka Shonibare MBE RA, Cornelia Parker RA, Fiona Banner, Damian Hirst, Rob and Nick Carter, Mat Collishaw, Gordon Cheung, Georgie Hopton, Nancy Fouts, Paul Huxley RA, Eileen Cooper RA, Vanessa Jackson RA, Cathie Pilkington RA, Bill Jacklin RA, and Stephen Farthing RA.

The Bridgeman Folio compiles a limited edition of prints by six leading Royal Academicians, with a percentage of the sales of the folio going towards supporting the Royal Academy Schools. Each of the four colour-plate lithographs within this folio was exclusively made by the artists for Bridgeman Editions.

Turkish Tulips features 19 original prints published by The House of Fairy Tales and co-curated by artist Gavin Turk. Established by Turk and Deborah Curtis in 2008, The House of Fairy Tales is a children’s educational arts charity that delivers engaging, artistic, learning experiences for children.


Migrant agricultural worker's family, California. 1936 (b/w photo)

Migrant agricultural worker’s family, California. 1936 (b/w photo), Lange, Dorothea (1895-1965) / Private Collection / Prismatic Pictures

Dorothea Lange / Vanessa Winship: A photography double-bill

The Barbican Art Gallery, 22nd June – 2nd September

Dorothea Lange (1895 – 1965) was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA). Lange’s photographs humanized the consequences of the Great Depression and influenced the development of documentary photography. Barbican presents a joint show alongside Vanessa Winship – the first major solo exhibition of Lange’s work in the UK.


Moonwalker de Jerry Kramer et Jim Blashfield avec Michael Jackson 1988

Moonwalker de Jerry Kramer et Jim Blashfield avec Michael Jackson 1988

Michael Jackson: On The Wall

The National Portrait Gallery, 28th June – 21st October

The exhibition spans from the 20th century to the present as Jackson continues to influence artists to this day.

Curated by Dr Nicholas Cullinan, Director of the National Portrait Gallery, the exhibition will open in the summer of 2018 to coincide with what would have been Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday (on August 29, 2018).

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