We’re at the end of 2019, but it’s not too late to catch the remainder of this year’s hottest and most exciting shows. From modern art masters such as Picasso and Warhol to contemporary artists we represent such as Sinta Tantra and Eileen Cooper there’s something for everyone in December’s highlights. Technology also plays a large part here as institutions and galleries look to the future for inspiration. Some of these shows won’t be around for long – so catch them while you can!

Picasso Gorky Warhol
Until 5th January 2020

Kunthaus Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland 

Garden in Sochi, 1940–41 (gouache on board), Arshile Gorky (1904-48) / Purchase with bequest of Charles Donald Belcher

The exhibition is formed from an assortment of sculptures and works on paper from the Looser Collection. The works of Picasso, Gorky and Warhol are shown in relation to one another with, analysis of their treatment of texture and expressionism in regard to how their work on paper relates to sculptural output.

Albrecht Durer
until 6th January 2020

Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria

Hare, 1502 (w/c on paper), Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) / Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna, Austria / Bridgeman Images

The largest collection of Durer’s work in decades has been brought together by Christof Metzger and is set to provide a much clearer insight to Durer and his life, with artworks spanning across his lifetime collected together in one exhibition, some of which have remained together in the same space for nearly five hundred years.

Bacon in all Letters
11th September 2019 – 20th January 2020

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Portrait of the artist Francis Bacon wearing polo neck and mac, London, early 1960’s / The John Deakin Archive / ©John Deakin / John Deakin Archive / Bridgeman Images

At first glance this exhibition may appear to focus solely on Bacon himself and his work, but this is not the case. The exhibition focuses on the authors and poets who inspired Bacon, including Aeschylus, Nietzsche, Bataille, Leiris, Conrad and Eliot. Each of these writers have a common theme running throughout their work, with their realistic imagery and views upon the world that happened to influence Bacon and his view on art and the style in which he expressed himself.

Andy Warhol – From A to B and Back Again
October 20th 2019 – January 26th 2020

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, United States

Marilyn, right hand side, 1964 (silk screen), Andy Warhol (1928-87) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

This collection of over 400 pieces by Andy Warhol has come after an abundance of new information appeared after Warhol’s death in 1987 and pulls together each stage of his career in relation to his personal life. From early work to self-portraits, from his sixties pop and celebrities to darker themes later on in his life -such as looking at Death and Disaster and abstraction through experimenting with new media, the exhibition delves further into Warhol’s work than ever before, looking into his interpretation of what the future would hold and how the attempted assassination upon his life led to such experimental work.

Drawings by Goya: “Only the will is left over”
20th November 2019 – 16th February 2020

Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain

Francisco Goya (1746-1828). Caprices. Plaque 7. Event thus he cannot make her out., Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes, (1746-1828) / Prado, Madrid, Spain / Tarker / Bridgeman Images

This unique exhibition has arisen from the development of a catalogue raisonné of Goya’s drawings. An insight into Goya’s mind is provided through this chronological exhibition that hosts a collection of over 100 of his drawings and sketches. His contemporary view of war and suffering and how mankind must push past this in order to survive retains a sense of relevance and power even today.

Moving to Mars
Until 23rd February 2020

The Design Museum, London, England

MARS A view of Mars. Photographed by the Viking 2 spacecraft, c.1976. / Granger / Bridgeman Images

The multi-sensory exhibition provides an insight into how it would be for man to live on Mars as younger generations are told that they might actually see man walking on the surface of the red planet in their lifetime. With interactive features relating to how our knowledge and understanding of Mars itself has evolved, as well as the idea that through looking at how to survive on another planet, we can better our own lives on Earth.

23rd November 2019 – 23rd February 2020

Royal Academy of Arts, London, England

Your Lunar Nebula, 2015 (partially-silvered crystal, acrylic paint & stainless steel), Olafur Eliasson (b.1967) / Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA / Museum purchase funded by the Caroline Wiess Law Accessions Endowment Fund / Bridgeman Images

With the ever growing buzz about the importance of Climate Change becoming more evident in our daily lives, this exhibition serves as a reaction by artists, architects and designers as to how art itself is evolving and adapting in response to these social changes as well as acting as a warning to everyone on the negative impact that they have as individuals on the planet.

Beloved by Picasso
October 12th 2019 – February 23rd 2020

Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, Denmark

Artist Pablo Picasso With his Companion Francoise Gilot and Actor Yves Montand at the Premiere of the film The Wages of Fear at Cannes Film Festival April 16, 1953 (b/w photo) / Photo © AGIP

An often controversial topic, this exhibition focuses on Picasso’s impressions of the women he worked with. The exhibition has been created by Arken Museum of Modern Art in conjunction with the Musee National Picsaso-Paris and chooses to look at Picasso’s relationships and the love he had with regards to the models who posed for him and his paintings. Through looking at how Picasso chooses to portray his loved ones you can see how his style has evolved as his inspiration remains constant, whilst the exhibition talks of how Picasso wanted his relationship with these women to be seen.

Making Marvels: Science and Splendour at the Courts of Europe
25th November 2019 – 1st March 2020

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States

The Scribe, 1770, an automaton by Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1721-90) / Musee d’Art et d’Histoire, Neuchatel, Switzerland / Bridgeman Images

This exhibition looks back to the royal families of Europe between 1550 and 1750 and how they believed that through the collection and assembly of art, technology and precious metals that a higher sense of status and power was achieved and expressed. 170 different objects, ranging from clocks, automatons and machines, paintings and jewellery can be seen alongside the representation of how the aristocracy at the time was captivated by these pieces.

Troy – Myth and Reality
Until 8th March 2020

The British Museum, London, England

The Wounded Achilles, 1825 (marble), Filippo Albacini (1777-1858) / © The Devonshire Collections, Chatsworth / Reproduced by permission of Chatsworth Settlement Trustees / Bridgeman Images

From Homer’s first account of Troy within the Illiad, many believed the ruined city to be nothing more than a simple myth, a feat of Homer’s imagination and poetic licence, though this exhibition pulls together a multitude of different mediums and pieces that account to Troy’s existence and why it has had such a profound effect on so many artists and writers, both past and present.

Versailles Revival, 1867-1937
19th November 2019 – March 15th 2020

Chateau De Versailles, Versailles, France

Illuminated Fountain Display in the Bassin de Neptune in Honour of Prince Francisco de Assisi de Bourbon (1822-1902) 21st August 1864 (oil on canvas), Eugene-Louis Lami
(1800-90) / Château de Versailles, France / Bridgeman Images

The exhibition focuses around the mass restoration and refurbishment of Versailles, which arose a hundred years after the French Revolution with a revival of interest within the Ancient Regime, hailing back to the work done by Pierre de Nolhac, who was the Museum’s director from 1892 – 1920.

Desire: A Revision from the 20th Century to the Digital Age
Until 22nd March 2020

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland

Coitus (photolithograph & screenprint), Helen Chadwick (1953-96) / Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection, London / Bridgeman Images

The impact and influence of desire upon art and within life is explored in this exhibition that hosts an extensive selection of work from a multitude of artists, focused around the idea of desire as seen through a Eurocentric male gaze and how it has shaped other depictions of desire within art. The exhibition holds a regression back to a primal notion of desire and how it is both ingrained within mankind yet has been altered with time.

Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life – How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow
Until 29th March 2020

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Hugh Herr / © Julien Faure/Leextra / Bridgeman Images

This exhibition approaches the idea that mankind is becoming more reliant upon technology and looks towards how we will function as a society – and what exactly that society may look like in a couple of decades. Over one hundred different works will be spread across five different sections, including “New Possibilities of Cities”, “Toward Neo-Metabolism Architecture”, “Lifestyle and Design Innovations”, “Human Augmentation and Its Ethical Issues”, and “Society and Humans in Transformation”.

George IV: Art and Spectacle
15th November 2019 – 3rd May 2020

George IV, when Prince of Wales, c.1796 (oil on canvas), Hoppner, John (1758-1810) / Royal Collection Trust © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2019 / Bridgeman Images

The Queen’s Gallery, London, England

The reign of King George IV was undoubtedly lavish – a contradiction to the reign of his sick father before him, with George amassing an unparalleled collection of paintings, furniture, books, ceramics, textiles and more. The exhibition provides an insight into to his life and his monarchic power with artwork from across the globe that he held in close regard.

Matisse & Picasso
13th December 2019 – 13 July 2020

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia

Still Life with Oranges II, 1899 (oil on canvas), Henri Matisse (1869-1954) / Washington University, St. Louis, USA / © 2019 Succession H. Matisse/DACS, London / Photo: / Bridgeman Images

This exhibition chooses to highlight the rivalry between Matisse and Picasso by placing them in conjunction with one another. The artist’s responses to one another throughout their individual lives as well as the influence they had on each other’s works and styles is heightened and showcased throughout this exhibition that holds pieces drawn from around 40 international collections, spanning across their lifetimes.

Strangers In Town
8th November 2019 – 7th December 2019

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin, Germany

GIAPPONESE A ROMA I, Sinta Tantra (b.1979) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

This exhibition sets out to celebrate the traditional mediums of art – such as stitching, weaving, painting and carving – in the ever evolving digital age. A couple of the nine artists whose work is included in the exhibition seem to draw inspiration from cultural traditions and means of expression and through this draw a parallel with the modern digitisation that is becoming more apparent in art and daily life.

Richard Eurich – Visions and Interpretations
22nd October – 15th November 2019

Waterhouse & Dodd, London, England

Mischief Night, 1975 (oil on panel), Richard Ernest Eurich (1903-92) / The Hepworth Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK / Bridgeman Images

This is an exhibition of Eurich’s later work, focusing on how his style became more demure and yet highly intricate and decorative, with an air of nostalgia created through the fact that the majority of the pieces and the inspiration he had for them was drawn from his home and the area around him. Through this representation of the Eurich estate, features of Richard Eurich’s work that are rarely looked at closely will be heightened for the visitors.

Thierry Mugler: Couturissime
October 13th 2019 – March 8th 2020

Rotterdam Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Portrait of Thierry Mugler, French stylist, 1984 (photo) / © Laurence Sudre / Bridgeman Images

Over 150 of Thierry Mugler’s outfits spanning across almost four decades have been brought together for this exhibition, with photographs by the leading fashion photographers included around the exhibition as well. The evolution of fashion and artistic licence can be seen within his revolutionary take on fabric and design, a take that also manages to represent Mugler’s own thought processes and mind-set when it comes to sensuality, aspirations and a multitude of other themes that influenced his work.

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