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The British Library holds an extensive collection of letters reaching back through history. Here we select some of the most astonishing. Henry VIII (1491-1547)    The British Library has an extensive collection of correspondence surrounding Henry VIII . These extraordinary documents range from secretive letters between the king and his advisors, emotional messages between Lady Jane Grey and her sister during her incarceration, to formal,…

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The Slipstream Mystery

Posted by Published on January 23, 2016

Among the questions asked to a writer, the one regarding what genre his or her work fall into is a common recurrence. For a long time I dreaded that question, being unable to find a satisfactory answer. Fiction? Too broad. Science fiction? Too vague. Until I was finally told that my series, ‘The Fog Chronicles’, fitted into a niche literary genre: slipstream. What is slipstream?…

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When thinking about World War I, the image of soldiers in trenches immediately comes to mind. Trenches were an effective way to protect against gun shots and assaults and – despite many attempts – proved impossible for enemy soldiers to break through.     The first trenches The first trenches were dug after the Battle of the Marne in 1914. Stretching over 400 miles between…

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