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Education Through The Ages

Posted by Published on August 28, 2019

As September is fast approaching and the prospect of returning to school or university looms, the groans of students of all ages can be heard far and wide. This inspired to look through the Bridgeman archives at education through the ages. Here are some of our favourite finds. 800BC-146BC: Ancient Greece  Interestingly, music was the only subject taught to both girls and boys in ancient…

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Whether you’re working on a textbook, academic project or e-learning application, Bridgeman Images is a comprehensive visual resource right across the curriculum, with a growing footage collection. Our collection extends well beyond art and history. We are strong in subjects such as science, geography, and politics, and can provide you with the breadth and depth of imagery to bring educational resources to life! See below for…

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A Case for the Study of Art History

Posted by Published on October 18, 2017

You will have heard that the Art History A-level was at risk of being axed in the UK –  AQA had dropped the baton, and unless Pearson, the company which owns the examination board Edexcel, rescued it from the floor, the open door for those from unprivileged backgrounds to make sense of a world bombarded with visual media was going to be snapped shut. My year…

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Skip the tuition fees and take a crash course at the Manchester School of Art, the second oldest art school in the UK, through their vintage prospectus videos   It was the year of the Wall Street Crash, the first Academy Awards ceremony, and the beginning of Sartre and de Beauvoir’s love affair. It was the former school of painter L.S. Lowry and suffragette Sylvia…

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