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After the Communist revolution in 1917, the new government took control of the art establishment in Russia, nationalising all art collections and laying down the principles that were to govern the creation of works of art. A movement was initiated to put all arts to service of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Clarity and exactitude as opposed to subjectivity and individualism With Constructivism, the Russian…

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The Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently called for more films on Russian history and says he would like to play Lenin or Rasputin. In the run up to the centenary of the Russian Revolution we quite agree and thought it might be useful for researchers to highlight archive footage of the politics, people and major events in Russia from the last century. Russian history…

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The Russian Revolutions of 1917

Posted by Published on February 6, 2017

  In 2017, the world will mark the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolutions, a dramatic series of political occurrences with consequences that are still being felt today. Tobie Mathew discusses his own collection of pictures related to these events, which are listed exclusively with Bridgeman Images.   There is something extraordinary about seeing historical images of dramatic upheaval; the frisson of excitement that filters…

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