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The creative world is filled with great love stories between artists who have inspired each other to achieve great things. Some of these stories have ended happily, some in tragedy. From John and Yoko to Frida and Diego, we take a look at some of these artistic power couples and the effect they had on each other and the world around them.   Diego Rivera &…

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When Valentine’s cards made sense

Posted by Published on February 10, 2017

Every February my kids’ teachers send me a long list of names: 50 classmates in total, in case my children (read “mom”) want to bring cards for their friends on Valentine’s Day. As I can’t stand buying dollar-store Valentines, full of gender stereotypes, I insist on making them myself. And every February I ask myself “who the hell came up with the brilliant idea of…

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Shakespeare in Art

Posted by Published on March 30, 2016

‘Beginning in the middle, starting thence away. To what may be digested in a play.’ * In 2016 the world is commemorating 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. For centuries artists have reinterpreted and brought to life the acts, characters and scenes in Shakespeare’s plays, reaching zenith proportions during the Romantic Movement. Their paintings range from tragic visions by Fuseli to vivid evocations of…

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Love on Film

Posted by Published on January 30, 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and though some may relish in a day of exchanging romantic gifts with that special someone, the rest could find themselves glued to Tinder with Ben&Jerry’s for company… However fear not, Valentine’s Day isn’t just reserved for the head over heels couples. Our Footage Manager Holly Webster has put together lightboxes of clips portraying not just romantic,…

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Love from the trenches

Posted by Published on May 30, 2014

The romantic pictorial postcards of World War I When war erupted in August 1914, postcards were the perfect medium to provide a link between the men on active service and their loved ones back home. Fearing that seperation could be forever, postcards helped to boost the morale of the people both at home and the troops on the war fronts. Here is a collection of…

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