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“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” — Norman McLaren   Animation is the means by which still images are made to appear as if they are moving – at least, in the traditional sense. In the past, 2D images were drawn on clear cells with slight modifications between them – an arm gradually moving,…

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British Library: The Power of Propaganda

Posted by Published on November 29, 2018

“History stopped in 1936. After that, there was only propaganda” – George Orwell The British Library has a rich variety of fascinating content covering the history of propaganda from medieval Britain, to Communist Russia. In the era of fake news, the topic of propaganda is particularly relevant now. Bridgeman is proud to be the exclusive partner of the British Library in the UK for licensing…

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Women’s Roles during World War I

Posted by Published on February 24, 2017

To commemorate the part women played in the ‘Great War’, we bring you images and footage from the Bridgeman archive. Women at their workplaces Before the outbreak of WWI, the role of women mainly involved looking after their households and fulfilling domestic chores. With their husbands leaving for the front, many new job opportunities arose. Women started to work as military caregivers, nurses or took…

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Brightly coloured illustrations, catchy phrases and a call for action were the main characteristics of the propaganda posters, films and literature of World War I. They encouraged women and men from all over the world to work hard and join the army during these dire times. Soon after World War I broke out in 1914, the “War Propaganda Bureau” was set up in Great Britain…

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