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The importance of clothing and fashion were changed significantly by the Great War. The flowing lines and tight skirts of the Edwardian era slowly vanished making way for clothes that were more practical to wear. Women’s fashion from 1914 onwards The outbreak of war changed the roles of women in society leading to the need for a different kind of fashion. As their men left to…

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8 Reasons to HATE Valentine’s Day

Posted by Published on February 13, 2017

Here comes the overly commercialized, pressure-laden holiday we all love to hate. There are many reasons to dread the annual, bright-pink festival of sap so let’s commiserate!  If you are a woman… Reason #1: You can’t moan about it. If you are single, then people assume you are a spinster with two cats. If you are in a relationship, people assume you’ve hit a rough…

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