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Invented by Accident

Posted by Published on May 31, 2017

Many of the things we enjoy in our daily lives were discovered by mistake. Bridgeman has an impressive collection of imagery relating to invention, innovation, commerce and consumerism. From pre-history and the ancient civilizations to the Industrial Revolution in Europe and early 20th century American industry and from represented collections such as the Hagley Museum & Library, the Advertising Archives, and the British Library, our archive is unmatched. Corn Flakes In 1894 Dr. John Kellogg…

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Madcap Inventions

Posted by Published on May 30, 2017

Here are some of history’s most weird and wonderful inventions captured by photographers, film-makers and illustrators in the Bridgeman archive   1. The Land Ship Dr Wilkins, Bishop of Chester was an advocate of the new ‘experimental’ approach to science and one of the founders of the Royal Society. In 1648 he published a book dealing with projected designs for submarines, flying machines and a land yacht,…

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