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Hair, Beautiful Hair

Posted by Published on May 31, 2017

From elaborate powdered wigs to carefully sculpted handlebar moustaches, hair is the ultimate fashion statement. Throughout history, people have worn their hair in a wide variety of styles, largely determined by culture, social status and racial identification. Here are a few examples.       Curls In ancient Rome the tendency was to follow Greek styles. Wealthy women wore ornate piles of curls on the…

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Remember, Remember, it’s Time for Movember

Posted by Published on November 1, 2016

From The Laughing Cavalier to Charlie Chaplin, we prepare for Movember by taking a look at the growth of the dot’n’dash* through history. To moustache is to be a man. Whilst the growth of facial hair signifies the transformation of pre-pubescent male into adulthood, a moustache is an affectation which requires maintenance and grooming tools. Full facial hair is inevitable for most adult men without…

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