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Halas&Batchelor: An Animated History

Posted by Published on July 1, 2018

Bridgeman Footage proudly represents the legendary Halas & Batchelor collection. Formed in 1940, the Halas & Batchelor animation studio occupies a unique place in British cinema. Pioneered by John Halas and Joy Batchelor, the studio became one of Europe’s most influential producers of animated films right up into the 1970s. Bridgeman Footage represents a wide selection of short and feature length films from this collection,…

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Mike Leigh’s film ‘Mr. Turner’ explores the last quarter century of British artist J.M.W Turner’s life. In reconstructing each of Turner’s environments Thin Man Films aimed to be as authentic as possible and so, for the Royal Academy Varnishing Day scene, this involved reproducing works that would have been there using a catalogue from the exhibition of 1832. ¬†Click on the image¬† for exclusive behind…

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