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This is a historic time for women. The 6th of February 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, 1918. This legislation enabled women over the age of 30 to vote for the first time and paved the way for universal suffrage ten years later. It was the catalyst for several significant milestones on the track towards democratic equality. The year also sees…

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The 18th of July 2017 will mark two centuries since the death of one of England’s most famous and revered authors. In tribute to Jane Austen, the Bank of England has confirmed that the writer will be honoured as the face of the new polymer £10 note.  Austen came of age in England’s Georgian era, a time of immense social and artistic change. Besides the…

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Women’s Roles during World War I

Posted by Published on February 24, 2017

To commemorate the part women played in the ‘Great War’, we bring you images and footage from the Bridgeman archive. Women at their workplaces Before the outbreak of WWI, the role of women mainly involved looking after their households and fulfilling domestic chores. With their husbands leaving for the front, many new job opportunities arose. Women started to work as military caregivers, nurses or took…

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Let’s honour the female movers and shakers in the world; the inspirational women who made their mark and led society closer to realising that the view of a male dominated world is an outdated one. From the pioneers of science and medicine to the social and political influencers, here’s my pick of some of the first women to accomplish various feats of greatness:   690: First (and…

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10 Baddest Witches

Posted by Published on October 1, 2016

  Apparently it’s Hallowe’en this month?? Again?? Here are some independent women that the patriarchy just couldn’t handle… awards based on badness and relevance to Beyonce songs.   10. Horned witch. I dig the horned coif, this witch is fierce. Pat your weave, ladies (carefully because it’s sharp)!   9. Circe: best Freakum Dress   8. Brujas. These honeys are making money with their shop full of creepy stuff….

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The first woman artist: Lavinia Fontana

Posted by Published on July 29, 2014

Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614) was an Italian painter of the Mannerist school and one of the most important portraitists in Bologna during the late 16th century. August 2014 will mark 400 years since her death so it seems timely to examine her paintings and life as a female artist in the Renaissance period. She was remarkable in being one of the first women to execute large,…

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