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With Father’s Day soon approaching, we took a look at the literary characters that we’ve come to cherish as great men and parental figures. Who’s your favourite? King Lear As Shakespeare’s King Lear prepares to step down from his throne and divide his kingdom evenly between his three daughters, a misguided test of his daughters’ love gets him in a whole heap of trouble. He disowns…

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A Celebration of Motherhood

Posted by Published on March 23, 2017

For as long as artists have been wielding their brushes, the relationship between a mother and her child has been a foremost theme. To coincide with Mother’s Day, here are some of the most celebrated non-religious mother and child images in the history of art and an exploration of the artists who conceived them.     An Intimate Bond: Mary Cassatt  (1844-1926)  In the late…

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