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Sidney Nolan’s Burke & Wills series

Posted by Published on February 16, 2017

The late, great, Sir Sidney Nolan, one of Australia’s most prominent artists, marks several anniversaries in 2017.  This year sees both the centenary year of the artist’s birth and the 25th anniversary of his death.  To celebrate the life of the internationally acclaimed artist, immerse yourself in Nolan’s Australia, through the Nolan’s Burke & Wills series.   Burke & Wills Nolan’s inspiration came from a fateful expedition in 1860,…

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The house-museum of Sir John Soane (1753-1837) – English architect, Royal Academician and avid collector – holds one of the most intriguing and memorable collections of painting, sculpture and architecture in the world. Originally designed as a study resource for young architecture students, Sir John Soane’s Museum is now best loved for its surprising finds and secret spaces. Take a virtual tour of the house and…

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10 Iconic British Football Moments

Posted by Published on February 8, 2017

Let’s celebrate the ‘beautiful game’ with a chronological countdown of 10 iconic moments in Britain’s footballing history   1. The Football Association (FA) was formed on 26 October 1863. While it’s highly debatable whether football was invented in Britain (or China, or Greece, or…) it is this sporting body which developed modern football as we know it.   2. 1885 saw the first professional footballers…

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The Battle of the Somme is, rightly so, best remembered for the stupefying number of casualties that were inflicted on both sides between July 1st and November 18th 1916. Estimates vary greatly but some historians suggest the number of killed and wounded exceded 1 million. It was remarkable even in the context of World War 1. The British public at the time was not unaccustomed…

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Mary Fedden OBE RA (1915-2012)

Posted by Published on January 19, 2017

Look back at the celebrated British artist’s career and pick out a few observations on her style, technique and subject matter. Explore joyful, colourful works in the Bridgeman archive.  Mary Fedden (1915-2012) is described by some as ‘one of Britain’s finest and best-loved contemporary artists’[1]. Probably most well-known for her still-life’s, Fedden created an extensive body of work, painting daily well into her nineties from her…

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There is something incredibly intimate about looking into someone’s sketchbooks, a raw, naked exposure into the mind of an individual. This was the feeling that I had when I was invited to the National Portrait Gallery for a private viewing (and breakfast) at the Lucian Freud sketchbook exhibition, and I loved it.  Walking into the exhibition space it was nice to actually have some, space that is!…

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Lost In Motion

Posted by Published on June 1, 2016

We are proud to introduce the utterly mesmerising Richard Balzer Collection, a warped world of animated 19th century phenakistoscopes, thaumatropes and zoetropes, available as gifs and video files exclusively from Bridgeman Footage.   There is no decisive point at which the concept of the moving image first came to light. It is an ancient human obsession – even in the Ice Age, people were entertained…

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Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Posted by Published on April 19, 2016

Bethlem Museum of the Mind, the pioneering new gallery and museum at the world’s oldest psychiatric hospital, Bethlem Royal Hospital at Beckenham, south London, has been named as one of the finalists competing for the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2016. Situated within the hospital grounds, Bethlem Museum of the Mind was formally opened by artist Grayson Perry in March 2015.  The…

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Fashion Designers: Inspired by Art

Posted by Published on March 10, 2016

Fashion and art have always had a close relationship, and designers often look to paintings for creative inspiration. This season of exhibitions has had a particularly prominent focus on fashion, with the V&A hosting the first and largest ever retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s works in Europe. Using the Bridgeman archive as our guide, explore how fashion designers have borrowed from parallel art movements and art history for…

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In a packed out boardroom at the Bridgeman offices in West London, the prominent Archive Producer, of Senna and Amy fame no less, led a merry and informal discussion into the foggy world of fair dealing. Organised by FOCAL International (Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries), hosted by Bridgeman Images, and led by Paul Bell, it was a perfect combination of researchers and archive heads, getting together…

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