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Chinese New Year 2019: The Pig

Posted by Published on January 17, 2019

This coming Chinese New Year will take place starting on February 5th, 2019. This is the year of the Pig – the last sign before the cycle restarts next year. The festival is known as ‘Spring Festival’ in modern mainland China and is undoubtedly their biggest festival of the year, both traditionally and in terms of how widespread it is celebrated. The date has great…

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Images in Action: Year of the Dog

Posted by Published on February 7, 2018

Bridgeman Studio artist Alice Gur-Arie creates a portrait of a mastiff for Year of the Dog, commissioned by Vollmer Cultural Consultants, Inc.     This is the fifth “Year of” commission she has done for the New York based company. She will also be exhibiting her work at Roy’s People Art Fair from the 12th – 15th April in London. Bridgeman Studio artist Alice Gur-Arie…

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Chinese New Year 2018: The Dog

Posted by Published on August 9, 2017

Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year as it’s also known, will take place on the 16th of February 2018 and will honour the 11th Zodiac sign, the Dog. It is regarded as the ‘Spring Festival’ in modern Mainland China and is the country’s most important traditional festival. The date has great importance worldwide as hundreds of thousands of people gather to wish each other good fortune and health for…

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  The coming Chinese New Year will take place on the 28th January and will celebrate the tenth Zodiac sign, the rooster. Specifically 2017 will be the year of the Fire Rooster; babies born this year as well as those born in 1957 have this sign.   Characteristics of the Rooster Roosters are considered to be the most motivated animal in the Chinese zodiac and always put…

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Being half Asian, I am lucky enough to celebrate two New Years. Chinese New Year is the far more cultural of the two, filled with traditions that go back centuries. The coming Chinese New Year will begin on the 8th February and will honour the Zodiac of the monkey – my own personal sign. Specifically, 2016 will be the year of the Fire Monkey, the most active and aggressive…

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As the Chinese say goodbye to the Year of the Horse, we look at some interesting facts to prepare us for this Year of the Sheep! To bring you luck this new year, we’ve listed eight (the luckiest number in China) things you possibly didn’t know about Chinese beliefs and the year ahead. 1. Welcoming the New Year The colourful celebration of the Chinese New…

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