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Top Art Exhibitions: October 2019

Posted by Published on September 26, 2019

Throughout history, Art has been inspired by human achievements big and small. From the incredible Apollo 11 moon landings to the historic ancient Egyptian Mummy discoveries, discover for yourself our top selection of October shows from across the world. Don’t Miss! New Works by Christabel Blackburn Until 5th OctoberAlex Eagle Studio, Lexington, London London based artist Christabel Blackburn studied Classics at Newcastle University. Eager to…

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Autumn is arriving – the colder weather is creeping in and the trees turn from bright green to dull orange as leaves start to fall. While warm weather may deter you from travelling further afield, the colder climate also tempts us indoors to warm up and visit the latest shows! From warm, wine-filled open evenings to eclectic contemporary shows contrasting the works of modern art…

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The Star Spangled Banner: 200 Years

Posted by Published on August 30, 2014

To mark the 200th anniversary of one the world’s most recognizable songs, The Star Spangled Banner, here is a brief history of the national anthem of the United States 200 Years of American pride September 16th 2014 marks the 200-year anniversary of one of America’s most celebrated expressions of patriotism and national identity. Written by 35-year old Washington lawyer, Francis Scott Key, the “Star-Spangled Banner”…

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