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The Psychology of Performing Arts

Posted by Published on May 31, 2017

Shakespeare, Marlowe, Racine, Moliere, Chekhov… famous playwrights  whose plays are still performed today and reinterpreted by directors and actors around the world. They were key in transforming many aspects of everything we know as theatre and drama. In the 20th century there continue to be notable practitioners who have invented new methods for actors to use in order to achieve a more genuine performance. “Love the art in yourself and not…

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William Shakespeare famously noted that all the world’s a stage. The world is certainly full of magnificent stages, some of which don’t only host the finest performances, but are spectacular masterpieces in their own right. From the oldest known stone theatre to buildings connected to legendary playwrights, we’ve lined up 7 theatres that provide a glimpse into the history of the performing arts. The Theatre of Dionysus –…

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