Looking for something specific in the Bridgeman Archive but not sure how to begin? It can be as simple as ABC, but the Archive has lots of additional tools to help you refine your search.

Here are some exciting new features we have added to make finding the images you need much more easily..

Reverse Search


If you have a low res or cropped copy of an image you’re trying to find in the archive, simply upload it using the reverse search function and the archive will match the image. Click the button directly on the right of the search bar – shown above – and upload your image. Your submission is then matched to similar images in the archive and these are presented onscreen, allowing you to select the image you desire.

Quick Access Filtering


On the right of the search bar is a selection of additional options. Using these, you are able to specify the kinds of image you want to appear following a search. You can use these to tailor the kind of results you see, streamlining the selection process from a more specific collection of images. Users can, for example rule out all black and white photographs, or specify to be shown only footage. There are several options and the function of each appears when the user hovers over the icons with their mouse. You will be able to filter down your search quickly and easily to find the right images and footage for your project.

Drag & Drop

Once a user has submitted their search, they can simply click on and drag the resulting images off their browser window and into their desktop for future access. The image’s reference will be set as the name of the file; this makes future location of the file on the site much simpler and allows for a quick save, though it will be low res.

Users can also click, drag and drop images into lightboxes in the same manner – more on this below.


ColourMatch search tool:

Our newest search feature is a ColourMatch search tool, which enables searches by colour. This is a fantastic tool for creatives!

Just click on the colour dropper icon to the far right of the search box (next to the camera icon):


Then choose the colour/colours you would like to search in the pop-up “search by colour” box:


You can search up to 5 colours by clicking on “Add Colour Block”, and also add keywords in the keyword box:




Company Search

The company filter will allow you to search our archive by Bridgeman, Lebrecht and Rue Des Archives images only. You can apply this filter at the primary stage by using the Advanced Search, or you can use it as a secondary filter on the Search Results page by selecting the Company dropdown (see below).




Using the “Advanced search” options. Click on the magnifying glass icon with the plus sign to instigate the “Adanced Search”.


Once the “Advanced Search” box pops up, enter in any keyword/title/artist etc, and at the bottom is a drop down menu call “Select Company”. From there you can select Bridgeman, Lebrecht or Rue des Archive. Then click on the magnifying glass to commence the search.



Create lightboxes of your favourite images to share, download (low-res) and purchase. Anyone can create a temporary lightbox, but you must be signed in to your Bridgeman Images account to save lightboxes and resume your search later. Users can easily create lightboxes to send to other users, or to place all items of interest into one location. Utilising the lightbox menu on the right of the search results screen, first enter the name of the lightbox you wish to make. Then, drag and drop the desired thumbnails into the grey square to create a custom lightbox which can then be printed, emailed or downloaded.


If you don’t wish to drag and drop you can also simply use buttons – hover over images and select them using the tickbox which will appear, then click Add selected assets (visible below the grey drag box).


Using the Add selected assets button users can add several items to the lightbox at once. If the dropdown is clicked users can alternate between editable lightboxes to manage/edit several at once.




Search Tips

 If you prefer to find and save images using the classic search bar, check out our dedicated Search Tips article.