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When thinking about World War I, the image of soldiers in trenches immediately comes to mind. Trenches were an effective way to protect against gun shots and assaults and – despite many attempts – proved impossible for enemy soldiers to break through.     The first trenches The first trenches were dug after the Battle of the Marne in 1914. Stretching over 400 miles between…

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9th November 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Check out our illustrated timeline for all you need to know about the (literal) rise and fall of this famous barricade.   Pre-August 1961 After World War II, Berlin divides into four sectors: an American, British and French sector in the West and a Soviet sector in the East.    …

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The Star Spangled Banner: 200 Years

Posted by Published on August 30, 2014

To mark the 200th anniversary of one the world’s most recognizable songs, The Star Spangled Banner, here is a brief history of the national anthem of the United States 200 Years of American pride September 16th 2014 marks the 200-year anniversary of one of America’s most celebrated expressions of patriotism and national identity. Written by 35-year old Washington lawyer, Francis Scott Key, the “Star-Spangled Banner”…

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Hot off the press and exclusive to Bridgeman Footage is an award-winning film celebrating the special relationship between man and machine. Ever wondered about the origins of your everyday newspapers, banknotes and baked bean adverts? One of Our Own Kind (1969), the newest addition to the Buff Films collection, explores the pioneering history of England’s industrial printing and the people behind it. Get up close…

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Biblical masterpieces reimagined

Posted by Published on July 19, 2014

And then there was art: For over two millennia, religious stories have been reinterpreted by artists and storytellers across all creative mediums. Since the very successful ‘Passion of Christ’ directed by Mel Gibson, Hollywood has sought to cash in and find other biblical themes and this year’s new instalment is Risen, released in time for Holy Week, imagines what happened after Jesus’ dramatic tomb exit. Inspired by the resurrection…

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Exclusive Interview: Penny Dreadful

Posted by Published on June 4, 2014

  Read our exclusive interview with Paul Brady, graphic designer on Showtime’s latest paranormal thriller ‘Penny Dreadful’, on the show and working with Bridgeman.  Gothic literature’s greatest characters meets art history’s darkest works in Showtime’s gritty horror show, ‘Penny Dreadful‘. Paul Brady, graphic design on the production, gives us this exclusive interview: 1. What was it about the Bridgeman archive that caught your eye for Penny Dreadful? Firstly it was…

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Kid’s art: Guess the Masterpiece?

Posted by Published on June 1, 2014

A group of 6-8 year old children were asked to recreate iconic pictures from art history for the kid’s art round of the Bridgeman pub quiz last year. Can you guess the masterpieces? A lovely moleskine notebook to the first person who guesses all artists/ picture titles correctly. Just leave your answers in the comment box below. Hint: Image libraries use extensive keywords to help you find what…

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Love from the trenches

Posted by Published on May 30, 2014

The romantic pictorial postcards of World War I When war erupted in August 1914, postcards were the perfect medium to provide a link between the men on active service and their loved ones back home. Fearing that seperation could be forever, postcards helped to boost the morale of the people both at home and the troops on the war fronts. Here is a collection of…

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Throughout World War II, The Council on books in Wartime distributed almost 123 million paperback editions of classic literary titles to American troops overseas. Battling against the disapproval of the American publishing houses, within a couple of years, the Council had inspired thousands with the thrill of a good book. Cheap mysteries to literary classics Before the war, books were a luxury item and scarcely…

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The Surreal World of Dr Jeffrey Sherwin

Posted by Published on May 16, 2014

The Sherwin Collection is acknowledged as being the largest collection of British Surrealist art in the country. Dr.Sherwin talks to Bridgeman about what inspired this collection and the importance of the works within the context of Modern British art Q&A with Dr.Sherwin Which three words would you use to describe your collection? Dr. S: Academic; personal; eclectic. What would you like your headstone to read?…

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