REMIX London: A glimpse into future technologies with Bridgeman images


The only thing that is consistent in our world is change, and recently I had the opportunity to address some of the changes that Bridgeman Images have been monitoring and working on over the past two years, to an audience filled with the leading art, culture and business minds in Google Headquarters St. Giles Street, London at the REMIX Summit 2017.

Bridgeman Images is fortunate to supply a variety of industries images and footage for their projects. Every day we work with clients in Publishing, TV & Film, Products, Advertising, Mobile Applications and more but over the course of the past two years we have been helping clients working on projects in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality as well as 3D Printing and Scanning.


With the rapid growth of these industries, my presentation began with showing the various trajectories of investment being made now and also what is being projected for the future.

3D scanning has had over £7.2b invested to date but is expected to rise to over £9.2b by 2020. Investment in 3D printing technologies is projected to grow from £2.8b so far to £4.1b in 2020. Augmented Reality has had over £4b invested in the last few years and expectations in revenue for content alone in the Virtual reality space is expected to exceed £50b by 2020.

Alan Firmin presenting at REMIX London

So with all these investments being made and our clients developing content already using these technologies we have been working with our Artist and Museum partners to help them with understanding 3D scanning technologies as well as sourcing content that some of our partners have already created. At Bridgeman Images we didn’t want to just offer the latest 3D scans of objects but rather build into our archive the entire history of 3D.


Starting with the Victorian stereoscopic content that was the birth of 3D imagery we have been very busy looking into statues, artefacts, weapons, fashion and more. We have also had the opportunity of working with Verus Art who has developed a 3D scanning technology that can produce almost exact reproductions of paintings from the likes of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet. We actually had a reproduction of the Van Gogh Iris for people to see and even touch. The ability to touch Van Gogh’s every brushstroke is an incredible experience and everyone enjoyed having that opportunity. These reproductions are now available to purchase on

Verus Art Van Gogh 3D reproduction

Presenting at REMIX alongside the likes of The Design Museum, The British Olympic Asociation, The Royal Opera House and many other great speakers was a lovely experience, but for me being offered the opportunity to show the world how Bridgeman Images continues to build on 44 years of experience in licensing by embracing new technologies, for the benefit of our partners and clients, was a real highlight.


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