Inspiration for March

Give your brands a spring in their step with fresh ideas from our calendar of commemorative and creative dates.

From social media concepts to integrated campaigns we have all the imagery and footage to support every project.

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March is Caffeine Awareness Month. Image: Illustration of Woman Drinking Coffee Surrounded by Coffee Cups, 1930s (screenprint), Unknown Artist, (20th century) / Photo © GraphicaArtis


Monthly Themes

Women’s History Month / Professional Social Work Month

Noodle Month / Caffeine Awareness Month

Nutrition Month / Peanut Month

Cheerleading Safety Month / Umbrella Month


Honeysuckle with Clouded Apollo Butterfly, 2017, ink and digital, Andrew Watson / Private Collection

An Idea a Day

1st MarchPeanut Butter Lover’s Day, Fruit Compote Day, Horse Protection Day, Pig Day

2nd March – Old Stuff Day, Read across America Day, Banana Cream Pie Day

3rd March – Anthem Day, Want you to be Happy Day, Mulled Wine Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Tartar Sauce Day, Speech and Debate Education Day

4th MarchMarching Music Day, Grammar Day, Hug a G.I. Day

5th MarchAbsinthe Day, Multiple Personality Day, Cheese Doodle Day

6th MarchDress Day, Frozen Food Day, Dentist’s Day, Oreo Cookie Day

7th March – Be Heard Day, Cereal Day

8th March – Proofreading Day, Peanut Cluster Day

9th MarchBarbie Day, Get over it Day, Crabmeat Day, Meatball Day

10th March – Pack your Lunch Day, Woman HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Mario Day

11th March – Worship of Tools Day, Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day, Prom-posal Day


Madame Recamier, 1800 (oil on canvas), Jacques Louis David (1748-1825) / Louvre, Paris, France

12th March – Girl Scout Day, Plant a Flower Day

13th March – Good Samaritan Day, Jewel Day, Napping Day, Open an Umbrella Indoors Day, Coconut Torte Day

14th March – Children’s Craft Day, Learn about Butterflies Day, Pi Day, Potato Chip Day

15th March – Everything you think is Wrong Day, Kick Butts Day, Shoe the World Day

16th March – Artichoke Hearts Day, Everything you do is Right Day, Freedom of Information Day

17th March – St Patrick’s Day, Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

18th March – Awkward Moments Day, Supreme Sacrifice Day, Quilting Day, Biodiesel Day

19th March – Chocolate Caramel Day, Let’s Laugh Day, Poultry Day, Certified Nurses Day

20th March – Spring Begins, Proposal Day, Ravioli Day

21st March – Common Courtesy Day, Fragrance Day, French Bread Day, Single Parent Day


Lemons with Blue Bowl, 2000 (oil on canvas), Denise Mickilowski (b.1959) / Private Collection / Courtesy Fischbach Gallery, New York

22nd March – Bavarian Crepes Day, Goof Off Day

23rd March – Puppy Day, Chip and Dip Day, Near Miss Day

24th March – Chocolate Covered Raisin Day, Red Nose Day

25th March – Medal of Honour Day, Tolkein Reading Day

26th March – Epilepsy Awareness Day, Nougat Day, Spinach Day

27th March – Spanish Paella Day

28th March – Black Forest Cake Day, Weed Appreciation Day, Something on a Stick Day

29th March – Manatee Appreciation Day, Mum and Dad Business Owners Day, Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

30th March – Doctors Day, I am in Control Day, Pencil Day, Take a Walk in the Park Day

31st March – Crayon Day, Clams on the Half Shell Day


Zoology: Fishes: Mammalia, Sirenia, Manatee (Trichechus sp.), illustration / Private Collection / De Agostini Picture Library

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