Summer through history on film

”Summertime is always the best of what might be”

– Charles Bowden


We’re in June, and summer is on the way!

As this most beloved of seasons arrives we’re casting our eyes back into our footage archive and it isn’t all beach balls and sand! In addition to the obligatory beach family shots, you’ll find travelogues, classic 50’s coastlines and water-related sports, some weird and wonderful, and a few very of-their-time fashion shoots!

Our archive of exclusive footage clips is updated regularly so there is always something new to discover!




Here you’ll find classic summertime iconography from decades of culture spent soaking up the sun in summer months. 50’s families glam it up on the shoreline, but there’s also an archive of black and white and contemporary footage too. If you’re missing the warmth, delightful HD sped-up footage of sunsets and sunrise from tropical locales around the world should give you that holiday craving!


Water Sports


The raise in temperature causes many of us to flock to the coastline, where the time is ripe for water sports and paddling. There’s extreme sport here, such as windsurfing, as well as water sports from places other than the coast as the hot weather brings us to the closest body of water available! Lake shore speed jumps on jetskis have to be a highlight, as is the dry yacht racing (which has to be seen to be believed!)


Summer in Culture


From fashion shoots captured in exotic locales and sunny villas to garden parties, ice cream, fairgrounds and simply enjoying the weather, you’ll discover here how summer has inspired society and culture throughout history.




A combination of clips both classic and contemporary courtesy of Design Pics. From ancient temples to 70’s film of classic cities, this collection comprises of travelogues and holiday footage from around the world.


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