Footage: Animals in the Archive

Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

— George Eliot

Humanity’s relationship with animals is long and complex. Today, Animals are involved in our lives in a wide selection of ways. Some of us can’t go without a canine companion, while others prefer the company of cats. Animals are involved in exploration and travel – from the Soviet space dogs to riding on camels in the desert. We also have archive footage of animals in zoos, out in their natural environments and working alongside humans, from picking coconuts out of trees to farming.

Animals at the Zoo

From Penguins, Lion Cubs, Husky dogs and Peacocks to Tigers, Bears and Flamingoes, these clips of Zoos from around the world showcase a selection of different animals.

The World of Animals

From rare footage of the previously thought extinct takahē bird of New Zealand to sky-high monkeys swinging through green trees, animals both in their natural habitats and alongside humans can be seen here.

Working Animals

Discover footage from a wide variety of sources of Animals at work! Includes the famous Soviet Space dogs Laika, Belka and Strelka, Horses pulling carriages in Europe, racing horses and Camels helping travellers wade through the River Nile.

Animal Farm

Britain’s first ever animated feature film, Animal Farm, was created by the pioneering Halas & Batchelor Animation Studio and will be celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2020. As well as being historically significant, it is also valuable as contemporary social commentary. We exclusively hold its rights.

Our archive of exclusive footage clips is growing all the time so there is always something new to discover.

We offer free research, so please contact us if you need help sourcing anything from the archive.

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