Five Trends for 2020

Visual and cultural trends are important to keep an eye on as a creative project or brand can be improved or made more appealing by incorporating elements of current trends into its design.

At the beginning of 2019, we decided on nine beautiful and eye-catching trends, which you can find here. Now that 2020 is in full swing, we’ve decided on five more, and we expect these to be just as popular well into the year.

Bold colours have been a theme for the last few years, but it seems like this summer there was no other option but to go a bit further to stand out. Whether it’s orange, yellow, pink or green, a splash of neon goes a long way.

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The wild west has become surprisingly popular in fashion, music and film recently. From Madonna to Tarantino, many are experimenting with a theme that can embody both individuality and conformity. Furthermore, for black artists such as Solange and Cardi B, the cowgirl image means re-appropriating a part of American culture that has predominantly been whitewashed.

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Interest in both astrology and astronomy has been on the rise recently. With some looking for assurance about the future, and others inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, people look to the stars and space as symbols of magic, distance, and the unknown or unexplored.

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This trend comes together with the push for more sustainable and ethical products. While some choose to shop more carefully, others are looking to learn crafts such as sewing, carving, weaving and working with leather. This theme is associated with feelings of honesty, conscientiousness, and meticulous care, and we think it might represent a wish for simpler times.

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The rustic theme has been around for years so maybe it can’t actually be considered a trend, though it is a consistently popular aesthetic and has been for a considerable number of years. Although the neutral tones and exposed brick of coffee shops everywhere are a safe and homely look, the originality of utilising this theme is debatable. However, it is possible to give it an up-to-date feel with clean-cut, minimalist visuals and splashes of dark orange and green.

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