Imagine looking up at the top shelf in your local bookstore and seeing best-selling author Rosie Garland’s new title with your art gracing the cover. Well, this experience is what awaits the winning artist for the Bridgeman Studio Award 2016.

I cannot tell you how excited we, at Bridgeman, are to be partnering with The Borough Press, an imprint of HarperCollins, in the third annual contemporary artists competition the Bridgeman Studio Award 2016.

Not only are we partnering with one of the leading publishing companies in the world but the passion and excitement the teams from The Borough Press and HarperCollins brought to our first meeting was palpable and progressed from ‘can we?’ to ‘when do we start!’ in a matter of minutes.

So how do you enter for a chance to win this incredible opportunity?

Without giving too much away about best-selling author Rosie Garland’s thrilling next title we have chosen a theme of ‘NIGHT’ for the initial entries. You can enter up to 5 works based on this theme between 1st May and 30th June on our dedicated website where you will find instructions, a link to the author’s website, an entry form and much more will be added over the next weeks to inspire you.

Open to contemporary artists of all levels, locations and media.

The Bridgeman Studio Award 2016 is open to artists all over the world and at all levels. We have had winners from Japan, Netherland’s and UK in previous years but entries have come from every corner of the globe. Location for the final commission is not important as we work with artists all over the world on a daily basis for our commission service.

As long as your work fits the theme of ‘NIGHT’ then you are allowed to enter new or even existing works for this round. All the work in this round you enter will remain your copyright and we will only use your images to promote you and the competition through our amazing partners, which include The Borough Press, HarperCollins, and Creative Review. Also, the type of media you use is open, so be creative.

£1,000 Commission to create the art for the cover

The winner will be given £1,000, a copy of best-selling author Rosie Garland’s new title and a brief from the team at The Borough Press and HarperCollins. Led by the master of book covers, HarperCollins Creative Director of Fiction and Non Fiction, Claire Ward, your art will be used to design the cover of Rosie Garland’s new title and in early 2017 it will be gracing the book shelves of fans and fiction lovers everywhere.

Keep checking our website for updates and news about the Bridgeman Studio Award.

If you have any questions please contact us here

Good luck!

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