Did you notice 2017’s graphic design trend – the revival of the black background with bold colours? You can see it in cookbooks, on book covers, exhibition stands and also in interior design and fashion in general. Explore this style throughout various times and cultures, with our lightbox of stills.

We can find outstanding images for your new products or book covers. Check out some of our previous bookcover case studies and discover how we can assist you on your way to a truly unique cover design:

A growing archive. Over 2 million stills and footage. History and culture from collections, museums, and artists around the world, are instantly available at high resolution on the www.bridgemanimages.com website.

Fee Agreement. A dedicated fee, agreed with the customer simplifies the licensing process and allows you to always keep costs under control.

Complimentary searches. A team of researchers always available to send image selections for your projects and acquire new photos from our amazing network of suppliers.

Quality and reliability. Digital files optimized for professional printing and metadata, which are always reliable thanks to direct collaboration with museums.

Assistance at every stage of the project. We here to assist you at all stages of the project, from image search to licensing.

Start exploring the archive right away through our cover image selections: