Month: July 2014


The first woman artist: Lavinia Fontana

Posted by Published on July 29, 2014

Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614) was an Italian painter of the Mannerist school and one of the most important portraitists in Bologna during the late 16th century. August 2014 will mark 400 years since her death so it seems timely to examine her paintings and life as a female artist in the Renaissance period. She was remarkable in being one of the first women to execute large,…

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Biblical masterpieces reimagined

Posted by Published on July 19, 2014

And then there was art: For over two millennia, religious stories have been reinterpreted by artists and storytellers across all creative mediums. Since the very successful ‘Passion of Christ’ directed by Mel Gibson, Hollywood has sought to cash in and find other biblical themes and this year’s new instalment is Risen, released in time for Holy Week, imagines what happened after Jesus’ dramatic tomb exit. Inspired by the resurrection…

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