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Untitled, c.1985 (gouache and paper collage on paper), Bearden, Romare Howard (1911-1988) / Private Collection / Photo © Christie's Images
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Top Art Exhibitions: July

This Summer, you can experience all the seasons with exhibitions on Arctic expeditions and Van Gogh’s seasonal works.  Besides weather, July sees a wide range of exhibitions opening up across the globe.  You can enjoy a history lesson in Feminist photography and art from the Civil Rights Movement or visit solo exhibitions dedicated to […]

DGC884489 Close-up of Annie Howard's chest, c.1898 (cabinet photo) by Eisenmann, Charles (1855 - 1927); Private Collection; (add.info.: Annie Howard was at tattooed lady who exhibited with her husband Frank Howard in Barnum & Bailey's show in the early 1900s. They told the usual story of being captured by "savages" who forcibly tattooed them. In reality, many of Annie Howard's tattoos were done by her husband. Frank and Annie had a daughter together named Ivy, who became a snake charmer when she was 8. In 1887, the family moved to London with Barnum and Bailey's show. ); Prismatic Pictures ; American,  it is possible that some works by this artist may be protected by third party rights in some territories
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Top Ten Tats: A History of Body-Art

Here is a run down of badass tattoo images, featuring a disproportionate amount of hunky sailors and bare butts.  In broadly chronological order: 10. The Siberian Ice Maiden  Lived during the 5th century BC, and was buried with horses, meat, yogurt and a massive headdress. She has a supercool stag-like tattoo on her shoulder. […]