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Join Varpu for screenprinting workshop in Islington… drinks on Bridgeman!

Varpu Kronholm is a Finnish surface pattern designer who combines digital and organic elements, to produce dreamy, contemporary designs inspired by the natural world. Originally trained as a fashion designer, a passion for pattern steered her towards a career in freelance textile design. Now based in London, her work is available for licensing […]

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Lost In Motion

We are proud to introduce the utterly mesmerising Richard Balzer Collection, a warped world of animated 19th century phenakistoscopes, thaumatropes and zoetropes, available as gifs and video files exclusively from Bridgeman Footage.   There is no decisive point at which the concept of the moving image first came to light. […]

PER437821 Advertisement for the 9th 'Criterium du Dauphine Libere' cycling race of 1955 (colour litho) by French School, (20th century); Private Collection; ( annual cycle race held in June in the Dauphine region of France and known today as the 'Criterium du Dauphine'; inaugurated by a local newspaper the 'Dauphine Libere' in 1947;); French,  it is possible that some works by this artist may be protected by third party rights in some territories
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Vintage bicycle posters

First printed around 1895, vintage bicycle posters originated in countries including France, England and America, coinciding with the rising popularity of poster advertising and cycling as a pastime.  The posters were first distributed by bicycle manufacturers, creating beautiful artworks that evoke the joy of jumping on a bike and hitting […]