Inspiration for November

Inspiration for November

Remember, remember the 5th of November – Bonfire night is approaching! Also, Diwali occurs on the 7th of November. Be on top of the celebrations with our guide to the month’s themes.

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Fun Tip: See if you can incorporate one day’s themes together! 5th of November: Dougnut Day, Love Your Red Hair Day, Bonfire Night

Monthly Themes

Vegan Month / Native American Heritage Month

Family Literacy Month / Diabetes Month

Gratitude Month / Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Adoption Month / Aviation History Month

Movember / Home Care and Hospice Month

Remember, Remember…[detail] (oil on linen), Rebecca Campbell / Private Collection / Courtesy of Jonathan Cooper Gallery

An Idea a Day

1st November – All Saints Day, National Author’s Day, National Family Literacy Day, Make Men Dinner Day

2nd November – National Stress Awareness Day (UK), Ohio Day, Director’s Day

3rd November – National Housewife’s Day (US), Sandwich DayBison Day

4th November – Candy Day, Daylight Saving Time Ends

5th November – Bonfire NightDoughnut Day, Colour The World Orange Day, Love Your Red Hair Day

6th November – Nachos Day, Saxophone Day

7th November – Diwali, Stress Awareness Day (US)

8th November – World Town Planning Day, Cappucino Day, Parents as Teachers Day

9th November – Louisiana Day, Scrabble Day

10th NovemberRemembrance Sunday, Marine Corps Birthday, Forget-Me-Not Day

Champ de Coquelicos [detail], 2003 (oil on board), Michel Bultet (b.1948) / Private Collection

11th November – Armistice DayVeterans DaySundae Day

12th November – Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

13th November – World Kindness Day

14th November – Diabetes Day, Pickle Day, Guacamole Day

15th November – Start of Enterprise Week, Rural Health Day, America Recycles Day

16th November – International Day of Tolerance, Button Day, Indiana Day, Fast Food Day

17th November – Homemade Bread Day, Baklava Day, Take A Hike Day, Adoption Day

18th November – BBC Children In Need, Mickey Mouse Day

19th November – Play Monopoly Day

20th November – Remembrance Day for Road and Traffic Victims, Peanut Butter Fudge Day, Absurdity Day

Leicester during Diwali festival [detail] (Belgrave Avenue, the Golden Mile), Great Britain, 2015 (photo)

21st November – Road Safety Week, World Television Day, Red Mitten Day, World Hello Day

22nd November – Cranberry Relish Day, Thanksgiving Day, Turkey Free Thanksgiving

23rd November – Freelancers Day, Espresso Day, Day of Listening, Black Friday, Flossing Day

24th November – Small Business Saturday

25th November – Blase Day, Shopping Reminder Day

26th November – National Cake Day, Cyber Monday

27th November – National Tree Week, Bavarian Cream Pie Day

28th November – French Toast Day

29th November – Package Protection Day, Electronic Greetings Day

30th November – St. Andrew’s Day, Mason Jar Day, Mississippi Day, Mousse Day, Computer Security Day

Thanksgiving card with little girl and turkey [detail] (colour litho), American School, (20th century) / Private Collection / © Look and Learn


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