Author: Hal McNulty


Centenary of the Battle of Messines

The Battle of Messines (1st – 14th June 1917) has been called one of the most successful allied offensives in the First World War, noted for its effective artillery tactics, military communication methods and the speed of its gains. With its hundredth anniversary coming up next month, here is an overview […]

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100 years without Egon Schiele

‘All beautiful and noble qualities have been united in me’, claimed Egon Schiele, the centenary of whose death in 1918 is fast approaching. Others have criticised Schiele’s work as grotesque, disturbing and pornographic. An early exponent of the expressionist movement, Schiele’s style is characterised by distorted nudes and autobiographical themes, […]

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Art in the BBC Reith Lectures

In 1948 the BBC established the Reith lectures in honour of the broadcaster’s first director-general, Sir John Reith. Each year leading public figures are invited to deliver a series of radio lectures in their respective fields in order to support Reith’s mission to use the BBC as a national education tool. Famous […]